My record collection: My thoughts on old and current'classical music' artists, their performances and recordings

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Hello! How are you? Come and find out more about what I think of the playing of some classical music artists

This is a new page which I decided to add to my website. I thought it would be nice to write about some of my thoughts on the musicians/ 'classical music' artists which I enjoy listening to. This page is under construction and I will be regularly updating it.

If you would like to know more about the music I am listening to, so share the same musical tastes, then please e-mail me for a chat.


  • JOSEPH JOACHIM (1831-1907)- very idyosyncratic playing. At times laughable with today's 21st century standards. Intonation on the whole not bad, no use of vibrato but very rhythmic playing. He is a tad brash with his chords, and I am sure he used staccato bowing in one passage. The best piece is the Brahms Hungarian dance. His technical abilities shine through here.

    -PAVILION RECORDS: OPAL CD 9851: The complete recordings 1903:Bach: Partita in B minor: Bourree; Sonata in G minor: Adagio; Brahms: Hungarian Dance no 1 and No 2.

    -PAVILION RECORDS: PEARL BVA 1 THE RECORDED VIOLIN VOL 1- THE HISTORY OF THE VIOLIN ON RECORD: 1903:Bach: Partita in B minor: Bourree; Brahms: Hungarian Dance No 2.

    -SYMPOSIUM 1071: Bach: Prelude G minor, Bourree in B minor (1903)

  • PABLO DE SARASATE (1844-1908) Spanish virtuoso- great to be able to hear him playing his own music.

    -PAVILION RECORDS: OPAL CD 9851: The complete recordings 1904: Sarasate: Ziguenerweisen op 20 no 1; Capricio Vasco; Capricio Jota; Tarantella; Miramar (Zortzico); Habanera; Zapateado; Chopin Nocturne in E flat (arr. Sarasate); Bach: Prelude in E major.

  • HUGO HEERMAN (1844-1935)

    -SYMPOSIUM 1071: Bach Prelude; Ernst: Nocturne in E (1909). Quite energic playing in the Bach. The Ernst is very lyrical and virtuosic with lots of portamenti. The orchestra's intonation is aweful.


  • LEOPOLD AUER (1845-1930) - violinist and great violin pedagogue of the late 19th and early 20th century, teacher of Elman and Heifetz amongst others, and author of 'Violin playing as I teach it'.

    -SYMPOSIUM 1071: Tchaikovsky: Melodie Op 42 no 3; Brahms: Hungarian No 1 (arr. Joachim) (1920)

    -PAVILION RECORDS: PEARL BVA 1 THE RECORDED VIOLIN VOL 1- THE HISTORY OF THE VIOLIN ON RECORD: Brahms: Hungarian No 1 (arr. Joachim) Tchaikovsky: Melodie Op 42 no 3 (arr. Whilhelmj)

  • PAUL VIARDOT (1857-1941)


  • EUGENE YSAYE 1858-1931 - This Belgian violinist certainly had style in his playing as evidenced by his recordings. A bridge between the 19th century way of violin playing, you can certainly hear the portamentos and slides. Technically I think he is better than many of the old violinists and his playing is full of sentiment. It is wonderful opportunity to hear him play his own music - the Mazurka in B minor op 11 no 3 "Lointaine passe and his Reve d'enfant op 14. Shame I do not have a recording of his solo Sonatas. His playing certianly stands out. Many years ago his biography on Paganiniana Press, and in Yehudi Menuhin's 'Unfinished journey', he mentioned that he had lessons or played to Ysaye who commented that Menuhin needed to practise his scales!

    -MAGIC TALENT LABEL CD 48057: A VIOLIN RECITAL: works by Brahms, Chabrier, Kriesler, Mendelssohn, Schubert, Vieuxtemps, Wagner, Wieniawski, Schumann, Dvorvak, Faure and Ysaye himself. An interesting recital. The recordings date from 1912-1914. The playing is certainly 'dated' and the intonation is not always accurate but it is good playing.

    -PAVILION RECORDS: OPAL CD 9851: Chabrier: Scherzo-Valse; Faure: Berceuse; Mendelssohn Concerto op 64 (III); Wieniawski: Mazurkas (Obertass and Dudziaiz); Brahms: Hungarian Dance no 5. Recorded in 1912. Certainly 'Titanic' playing but far from sinking!! :-)

  • JENO HUBAY (1858-1937)- Has written a few works for violin, many of the pieces are rarely heard on the concert platform as they used to.

    -SYMPOSIUM 1071: Hubay: Czarajenelet 12 (1929) soulful playing

  • TIVIDAR NACHEZ (1859-1930) A Hungarian violinist. I have played his editions of Vivaldi's double concerto in A minor published by Schott.

    -SYMPOSIUM 1071: Schumann: Traumerei (1912). Lots of surface noise. Plays with lots of portamenti


  • BERNHARD DESSAU (1861-1923) German violinist. Teachers: Schradieck, Joachim and Wieniawski.His Mazurka is simply charmingly played by him.


  • LEOPOLD LICHTENBERG - (1861-?) American violinist taught by Wieniawski

    -PAVILION RECORDS: PEARL BVA 1 THE RECORDED VIOLIN VOL 1- THE HISTORY OF THE VIOLIN ON RECORD: Schubert: Serenade. (1921). The tempo is rather slow and the piano accompaniment sounds rather choppy.

  • MARIE SOLDAT (1864-1955) Viennese violinist who famously premiered Brahm's violin concerto in Vienna. She was later known as Marie Soldat-Roeger when she was married


  • JOHN DUNN (1866-1940) An English violinist who also used the performance name of Ivan Donovitch

    -SYMPOSIUM 1071: Sarasate: Zapateado (1909) The technical detail is here


  • BERNARD MOLIQUE CARRODUS (1866-1935) English violinist, and son of Tiplady Carrodus


  • KAROL GRIGOROWICH (1867-1921)Polish violinist who was also known as Carl Grigororvich and Charles Gregoriwitsch.

    -SYMPOSIUM 1071: Wienawski: Obertass (1909) He brings out the character of the piece


  • FINI VALDEMAR HENRIQUES (1867-1940)Danish violinist


  • FRANTISEK DRDLA (1868-1944)


  • MAUD POWELL (1868-1920) American violinist


  • WILLY BURMESTER (1869-1933) German violinist. Studied with Joachim. I understand that he was renown in his day for his short arrangements of pieces which became known as 'Burmesterstucke'

    -SYMPOSIUM 1071: Bach Gavotte and Air (arr. Burmester). Very rhythmical playing but with piano accompaniment. Nice crisp bowing.

  • ALFREDO D'AMBROSIO (1871-1914)


  • CARL FLESCH (1873-1944)- violinist, teacher and author of the 'Art of Violin Playing' and 'Violin Fingering its theory and practise'. Flesch was a reknown teacher of Szymon Goldberg, Norbert Brainin, Bronislav Gimpel, Ivry Gitlis, Ida Haendel, Nannie Jamieson, Georg Kulenkampff, Ricardo Odnopossoff, Yfrah Neamann, Aida Stucki, Henri Temianka, Henryk Szeryng, Josef Wolfsthal, Max Rostal and Ginette Neveu to name but a few.

    -SYMPOSIUM LABEL: 1032/3/4. These are the only recordings of him that I know of. There is alot of surface noise. They are however a real treat to lsiten too. The intonation is a bit off, and his playing does not seem to be as good as other violinsists of the same era such as Ysaye and David Oistrakt and Yehudi Mennuhin.

  • HENRI MARTEAU (1874-1934) French violinist

    -SYMPOSIUM 1071: Sarasate: Carmen concert Fantasie. He takes his time at the ends of phrases, clean playing and the flagolets are not so clear when he speeds up.


  • FRITZ KREISLER (1875-1962)- I really enjoy listening to Kreisler although the playing is rather dated in style. It is certainly interesting to hear him play his own compositions. He was a fine piano player as well. I am fortunate to have many of the Biddulph recordings of his playing which are simply delightful. I think many current concert violinists can learn from his playing.

    -BIDDULPH LAB 009-10: The Kreisler Collection: The 1904 G & T and 1911 HMV solo recordings - CD1 - Bach: Prelude in E, Air on a G string; Sulzer: Sarabande; Francois Schubert: The Bee; Tcahikovsky: Chanson sans paroles; Kreisler: Aubade provencale 'in the style of Couperin', Chanson Louis XIII and Pavane 'in the style of Couperin'; La Precieuse 'in the style of Couperin', Scherzo 'in the style of Dittersdorf', Allegretto 'in the style of Boccherini', La Chasse 'in the style of Cartier', Liebesfreud, Liebeslied, Tambourin Chinois, Caprice Viennois; Bach: Gavotte in E; Brahms Hungarian Dance No 5; Cottenet: Chanson meditation. With Hugo Kreisler on cello and Fritz Kreisler accompanying on piano: Gabriel-Marie: La Cinquantaine; Rubinstein: melody; Drigo; Serenade; Chaminade: Serenade Espagnole; Hugo Kreisler: Viennese Folk Song Fantasy. CD2- Pergolese: Nina; Beethoven: Minuet in G, Andante in F; Schumann: Abendlied; Wagner: Preislied; Jeral: Serenade; Kreisler: Marche miniature Viennoise, Syncopation; Londonerry Air; Mozart Violin Conerto no 4 in D K218; Bruch violin concerto no 1 in G minor.

    -BIDDULPH LAB 016: 'Kreisler & Thibaud play Mozart'. Mozart Concerto no 4 in D K218. (11 Feb 1939)

    -BIDDULPH LAB 019: The first Victor Recordings with George Falkenstein: Smetana: Bohemian Fantasy; Massentet: Meditation; Dvorak: Humoresque; Foster: Old Folks at Home; Kreisler: Caprice Viennois, Liebesfreud, Variations on a theme of Corelli; Rameau: Tambourin; Schubert: moment Musical No 3; Brahms: Hungarian Dance No 5; Tchaikovsky: Chanson sans paroles; Cottenet: Chanson Meditation; Bach: Gavotte in E; Bach: prelude in E; Gluck: melodie; Kreisler: Andantino, Chanson Louis XIII and Pavane, Liebeslied, Schon Rosmarin; Townsend: Berceuse; Kreisler: Austrian Imperial Hymn. Dvorak: Humoresque (Kreisler piano solo) The Bach prelude is unusual with piano accompaniment. His piano playing is very musical and shows his versatility as a musician. The recordings date from 1910, 1912 and 1914.

    -BIDDULPH LAB 021: The Complete acoustic Victor recordings with orchestra: Bach: Double concerto in D minor with Efrem Zimbalist; Tchaikovsky: Andante Cantabile; Bocherini: Minuet; Kreisler Rondino; Bizet: Adagio; Spencer: Underneath the stars; Hubbell: Poor Butterfly; Schubert: 'Rosamunde' ballet music; Kreisler: Polichinelle and Paraphrase on Paderewski's Minuet in G; Winternitz: Dream of Youth; Earl: Beautiful Ohio Waltz; Rimsky-Korsakov: Song of India; Krakauer: Paradise; Kreisler: La Gitana; Valdez: Gypsy Serenade; Korchat: Forsaken; White: Nobody knows the trouble I've seen; Dvorak; Humoresque; Kreisler: Who can tell? Hirsch: Love Nest; Jacobi: On Miami shores. The intonation in the Bach double is quite off. A unusual album.

    -BIDDULPH LAB 040: Fritz Kreisler Favourite short pieces with Franz Rupp: Bach: Gavotte in E; Mozart: Rondo in G; Chopin Mazurka in A minor; Brahms: Waltz in A; Dvorak: Humoresque; Tchaikovsky: Andante Cantabile; Rimsky-Korsakov: Song of India; De Falla; Spanish Dance; Poldini: Dancing Doll; Scott: Lotus Land; Kreisler: Caprice Vennois, Tambourin Chinois; Liebesfreud, Liebesleid, Schon Rosmarin, Rondino on a theme of Beethoven, La Gitana, and Londonderry Air. Recorded 1936 and 1938

    -BIDDULPH LAB 047: Mendelssohn Violin Concerto (Kreisler) and Schumann Violin Concerto (Menuhin)

    -BIDDULPH LAB 049-50: Archive performances: The Kreisler Collection - The Victor Recordings (1921-1925): CD1: Brahms Watltz Op39 no 15 (arr. Hochstein); Greig: To the Spring; Dawes: melody in A; Drdla: Souvenir; Kreisler: Aucassin and Nicolette, Toy Soldiers March; Rimsky-Korsakov: Hymn to the sun, Chanson Arabe, Danse Orientale (arr. Kreisler); Logan: Pale Moon (arr. Kreisler); Scott: Lotus land (arr. Kreisler), Cherry Pie; Chopin: mazurka in A op 33 no2 (arr. Kreisler); Paderewski: Melodie op 16. no 2 (arr. Kreisler); Heuberger: Midnight bells (arr. Kreisler); Kramer: Entr'acte; Openshaw: Love sends a little gift of flowers; Seitz: The worls is waiting for the sunrise; Haydn: Minuet in D (arr. Friedberg); Tchaikovsky: violin concerto - Canzonetta; Friedberg: Old French Gavotte (arr. Kreisler); Schuett: Slavonic Lament (arr. Friedberg); Poldini: Dancing Doll; Grainger: Molly on the shore (arr. Kreisler). Recorded 1921-1924; CD2 - Balogh: Dirge of the north (arr. Kreisler); Korngold: Pierrot's dance song (arr. Kreisler); Handel: Largo; Tchaikovsky: Chanson sans paroles (arr. Kreisler); Bass: Chansonette; Brandl: The old refrain (arr. Kreisler); Dawes: melody in A (2nd recording); Herbert: Kiss in thre dark; Kreisler: Caprice Viennois; Balogh: Caprice antique (arr. Kreisler); Cadman: Legend of the canyon (arr. Kreisler); Lalo: Symphonie Espagnole (Scherzando); Bach: Minuet in G (arr. Winternitz); Beethoven: Gavotte (Winternitz); Kreisler: Paraphrase on two Russian folk songs; Liliuokalani: Ahoha Oe (arr. Kreisler); Dvorak: Negro spiritual melody (arr. Kreisler); Cadman: Land of the sky blue water (arr. Kreisler); Then 5 recordins with the Irish Tenor JOhn McCormack: Trad: I saw from the beach; Rachmaninoff: before my window, To the children; Strass: Morgen!; Larchet: Padriac the fiddler. The duets with the tenor and piano accompaniment are very interesting. I think I would like to do something similar in a concert as well.

    -BIDDULPH LAB 068-69: Archive performances: The Kreisler Collection - The Berlin HMV recordings (1926-1927): CD1 - Bach: Solo Sonata in G minor (Adagio); Beethoven concerto op 61; Mendelssohn concerto op 64; CD2 - Brahms violin concerto op 77; Mendelssohn: Song without words (arr. Kreisler); Schumann: Romance in A (arr. Kreisler); Brahms: Hungarian Dance no 17 (arr. Kreisler); Debussy: The girl with the flaxen hair (arr. Hartmann); Debussy: En Bateau (arr. Choisnel); De Falla: Dance Espagnole (arr. Kreisler); Scott: Lotus Land (arr. Kreisler); Music for violin, cello and piano: Corelli: O Sanctissima (arr. Kreisler); Bizet: Agnus Dei from L'Arlesienne (arr. Kreisler); Kreisler: March miniature viennoise and Syncopation. Very interesting recordings. very poised, eloquent and charming playing in the concertos and I understand that he was the first violinist to record all three of these concerti, so this CD is an important landmark. Hugo Kreisler plays the cello trio music.

    -BIDDULPH LAB 075: The 1926-1927 Victor Recordings: Favourite short pieces - Romberg: Deep in my Hear, Dear; Friml: Indian Love Call, Dance of the maidens; Lemare: Andantino; Cadman: At dawning; Lehar 'Kreisler' Serenade; Owen: Invocation; Rimsky-Korsakov: Oriental Romance; Tcahikovsky: Humoresque; Rachmaninov: Marguerite; Lehar: 'Frasquita' Serenade; Kreisler: Caprice Viennois, Liedesfreud, Liebesleid, Gypsy Caprice, Shepherd's madrigal; Schon Rosmarin; Berlin: Blue Skies; De Falla: Cancion Populaire, Albeniz: Malaguena; Dvorak: Humoresque.

    -BIDDULPH LAB 080: The 1928 Victor recordings: Favourite short pieces - Dohnanyi: Ruralia Hungarica; Debussy: En Bateau, the girl with the flaxen hair; Drdla: Souvenir; Massenet: Meditation; Nevin: Mighty Lak'a Rose, the Rosary; Foster: Old Folks at Home; De Falla: Danse Espagnole; Albeniz: Tango; Kreisler: Tambourin Chinois, Rondino; Winternitz: Dance of the Marionettes; Dvorak: Slavonic Dance in G minor, Indian Lament, Songs my Mother taught me.

    -BIDDULPH LAB 100: Kreisler plays Beethoven: Concerto in D op 61; violin sonata no 8 with Rachmaninov on piano.

    -BIDDULPH LAB 101:-Brahms: concerto op 77; the rarely performed August Wilhemj edition/ of Paganini concerto no 1 in D; Kreisler: Caprice Viennois; Tambourin Chinois; Liebesfreud; Liebesleid; Schon Rosmarin and La Gitana. (1936 and 1942)

  • JAN KUBELIK (1880-1940) Czech violinist who studied with Sevcik. Father of the conductor and compsoer Rafael Kubelik. Some very impressive technical playing. He gets some lovely sounds with the flageots. Amazing lefthand pizz in the Paganini

    -PAVILION RECORDS: PEARL BVA 1 THE RECORDED VIOLIN VOL 1- THE HISTORY OF THE VIOLIN ON RECORD: Wieniawski: Souvenir de Moscou op6; Paganini: Nel cor piu variations op 38 (1903)

  • JACQUES THIBAUD (1880-1953) French violinist who tragically died in a plane crash

    -BIDDULPH LAB 016: 'Kreisler & Thibaud play Mozart'. Mozart concerto no 6 (k268) (23 Feb 1927)

    -PAVILION RECORDS: PEARL BVA 1 THE RECORDED VIOLIN VOL 1- THE HISTORY OF THE VIOLIN ON RECORD: Albeniz: Tango (2 July 1933); Debussy: The girl with flaxen hair (1927)

  • GEORGES ENESCO (1881-1955)- A famed Roumanian violinist, composer, conducter, and teacher of Yehudi Menuhin. I understand that he also collaborated with the execellent Roumanian pianist Dinu Lipatti in concerts.

    -BIDDULPH LAB066: Corelli 'La Folia' sonata; Handel: Sonata no 4 in D; Pugnani: Largo espressivo; Beethoven: Chorus of Dervishes; Wagner: Albumblatt; D'Ambrosio: Serenade; Kreisler: Aubade Provencale 'in the style of Couperin' and Tempo di Minuetto 'in the style of Pugnani'; Chausson: Poeme; Enesco violin sonata no 3 in A minor 'dans le caractere populaire Roumain'(Yehudi and his sister Hephzibah Menuhin play the sonata 1936). The Enesco recordings dated from 1924 and 1929. A noble tone in his Handel and overall good intonation compared with others of his generation. His technical ability is apparent in the Beethoven and Chausson.

  • BRONISLAW HUBERMAN (1882-1947)

    -BIDDULPH LAB081-82: The Columbia recordings (2 cds.) Old fashioned playing with a Romantic stance. CD1: Bach Nun Komm der Heiden Heiland (arr. Humberman) and Air on a G string (arr. Wilhelmj); Schubert Moment Musical no 3 (arr. Auer), Ave Maria (arr. Wilhelmj); Chopin Nocturne in E flat (arr. Sarasate), Waltzes in G flat, C sharp minor (arr. Huberman); Brahms Hungarian Dance No 1 (arr. Joachim), Waltz in A flat (arr. Hochstein); Tchaikovsky: Melodie in E flat; Elgar La Capricieuse; Sarasate Romanza Andalusa; Zarzycki Mazurka. The Zarzycki is the only piece on this cd to show his technical skills. The other pieces demonstrate that he takes his time, a bit like Elman. CD2. BACH: Sarabande (Partita in B minor), Andante (Sonata in A minor); Beethoven 'Kreutzer' sonata with Ignaz Friedman; Chopin Nocturne in E flat (arr. Sarasate); Schubert Moment Musical No 3 (arr. Auer). The unaccompanied Bach is dated and full of Romantic portamenti and the chords are a little brash. In the Andante, the voices are very clear. I think the Beethoven sonata sonata brings out his best qualities, but i still think his chords are a little to strong. Friedman is a superb player!!

  • MISCHA ELMAN (1891-1967)- the violinist with the 'golden tone'. I simply adore his playing, it is so musical, and he always takes his time, which makes the music he is playing so expressive and thoughtful.

    -Have you listened to his Tchaikovsky concerto? (BBC CD717 The Vintage Collection) He plays his teachers edition of it (Leopold Auer) who rewrote some of the passages of this 'unplayable russian stench' as he put it. I prefer the original version of the concerto not Auers.The Beethoven Romanze in G op 40 is also on this recording.

    -The Vintage Collection volume 2 'The complete musician - violinist, composer, chamber music player and collaborator (BBC CD753) . An interesting collection of recordings of different pieces pieces ranging from Wieniawski, Sarasate, Raff, a Haydn String Quartet, and Elman's own composition 'In a Gondola/ Impromptu' and his arrangement of 'Eili Eili'.

    -Vanguard Classics 08803371 'The Mischa Elman Collection': Nardini concerto in E minor; Vivaldi concerto in G minor op 12 no 1; Bach E major concerto).

    -EVERYMAN/ Vanguard 08614971: Mendelssohn concerto in E minor op 64 and Lalo Symphonie Espangnole

    -BIDDULPH LAB160: The complete 1946/7 RCA recordings: Brahms Sonata in D minor no 3, Dvorak Slavonic Fantasy, Smetana Aus der Heimat, Hubay Hejre Kati, Balakirev 'Oh come to me', Mendelssohn 'May breezes and concerto in E minor op 64

  • FERENC VON VECSEY(1893-1935). Hungarian violinist and student of Hubay. Sibelius dedicated his violin concerto to him

    -ISTITUO DISCOGRAFICO ITALIANO: IDIS 6409 – 6 Great Soloists perform Paganini Vol 2 Caprice No 13, 1930s.

  • TOSCHA SEIDEL (1899-1962) Ukranian violinist and studnet of Leopold Auer. Later based in USA.

    -BIDDULPH LAB138: the RCA recordings: Mozart: Gavotte in G and Minuet in D; Wagner Albumblatt; Brahms: Hungarian Dance no 1; Bakleinikoff: Brahmsiana; Provost: Intermezzo; Korngold: 'Much a do about nothing' suite with Korngold accompanying on piano; Strauss 'one day when we were young' and Tales from the Vienna Woods; Frank: Sonata. These pieces were recorded in 1938, 1941 and the 1950s. He makes such a full bright sound. The playing is certainly musical and very expressive. I think he played for the sound tracks of a few Hollywood movies. The Prevost Intermezzo was the sound track in the movie of the same name with Leslie Howard and Ingrid Bergman. Howard played a vioinists who had an affair with the pianist played by Bergman. I remember watching this movie on a saturday morning matinee when I was 9 years old. THIS IS ONE OF MY FAVOURITE RECORDINGS.

  • JASCHA HEIFETZ (1901-1987) I have mixed feelings about this technical legend. Sometimes I feel his playing is too fast to enjoy the music, .e.g his Mendelssohn violin concerto

    -ISTITUO DISCOGRAFICO ITALIANO: IDIS 6409 – 6 Great Soloists perform Paganini Vol 2 - Caprice No 24 (1934)

    -RCA Victor: 09026 61748 2 The Heifetz Collection vol 17: Bach solo sonatas and partitas (1952)

    -NAXOS 8.107001 Centenary Memorial edition 1901-2001: CD1 – Beethoven and Brahms concerti (1939/1940); CD2 – Tchaikovsky, Glazunov, Sibelius Concerti (1934/1937); CD3 – Elgar, Walton concerti (1941/1949); CD4 – Brahms Double concert, Bruch Scottish Fantasy, Wieniawski concerto no 2 (1935/1947); CD5 – Prokofoiev concerto no 2; Gruenberg concerto (1937/1945); CD6 – Mozart concerto no 4 and 5, Mendelssohn concerto op 64; (1934/1949) CD7 – Vieuxtemps concerti no 4 and 5, Sain-Saens Introduction and Rondo Capricioso; Sarasate Zigeunerweisen , Waxman Carmen Fantasy (1935/1946)

  • ZINO FRANCESCATTI (1902-1991) French violinist taught by his Father, who was alleged taughted by Camillo Sivori, Paganini's only student.

    -ISTITUO DISCOGRAFICO ITALIANO: IDIS 6409 – 6 Great Soloists perform Paganini Vol 2 concerto no 1 1950

  • NATHAN MILSTEIN (1903-1992)

    EMI: 07777 64830-2: The Art of Nathan Milstein – the Capitol Recordings 1955-1966 (6 cds): 1) Glazunov concerto op 82, Prokofiev concerto no 2 op 63, Sain-Saens Concerto no 3; 2) Tchaikovsky concerto, Brahms concerto; 3) Beethoven concerto, Dvorak concerto; 4)Vivaldi concertop op 3/10, Sonata no 2 in A op 2, Handel sonata no 4 op1, Vitali Chaconne, Corelli-Leonard La Folia op 5 no 12, Tartini-Kreisler Devils Trill Sonata, Bach-Wilhemj Air; 5) Mozart violin sonatas in C K296 and e minor K304, Beethoven Spring sonata, Prokofiev sonata no 2 in D; 6) Rachmaninov Vocalise, Mussorgsky- Jones Gopak, Glazunov Meditation, Tchaikovsky Waltz-Scherzo, Souvenir d’un lieu cher, Rimsky-Korsakov-Kreisler Fantasia on Russian Themes, Rimsky-Korsakov-Hartmann Flight of the bumblebee, Brahms Hungairan Dance no 2, Massenet Meditation, Gluck Dance of the blessed spirits, Chopin Nocturne no 20 in C minor, Falla Jota, Wieniawski Scherzo-Tarantella, Debussy Minstrels, Sarasate Introduction and Tarantella, Kreisler Praeludium & Allegro in the style of Pugnani

    DVD: Nathan Milstein - a portrait. Super playing at the age of 82!!! Beethoven 'Kreutzer' sonata, Bach Chaconne, Paganini caprices, Sarasate Introduction and Tarantella

  • MAX ROSTAL (1906-1991)- I really like his playing. He taught my my first violin teacher Brenda Farrow when she was a student at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama

    -SYMPOSIUM LABEL CD 1079: A selection of works: Tartini concerto in G minor and Devil's Trill sonata, Bach sonata in E minor, Beethoven Romances in G major and F major, Biber Passacalgia

    -SYMPOSIUM LABEL CD 1076: Schubert Fantasie in C, Schumann Sonata in A minor and Debussy Sonata with pianist Colin Horsley

    -SYMPOSIUM LABEL: Berg violin concerto (1953); Bartok Concerto no 2 1962; Bernard Stevens Violin concerto 1948; and Shostakovich Concerto no 1 in A minor (1956)

  • RUGGIERIO RICCI (1908-)- Student of San Francisco concertmaster Louis Persinger. Ricci had gone on to make a tremdous career for himself playing and recording many works by Paganini

    -THE STRAD 6: Desplanes: Intrada; Nardini: Larghetto; Vivaldi: Praeludium from sonata in c; Paganini: Cantabile & Waltz; Moart: Adagio from piano sonata in E flat (arr. Friedberg); Kabalevsky: Improvisation op 21 no 1; Tchaikovsky: Melodie op 42 no 3; Veracini: Largo; Paradis: Sicilienne (arr. Dushkin); Hubay: 'The Violinmaker of Cremona'; Handel: Larghetto; Schumann: Romance in A (arr. Kreisler). This is one of my favourite recordings. Such a lovely lot of pieces. Ricci's playing is so express and he produces some very sweet tone which suits some of these pieces. However, I sometimes find his vibrato a tad too wobbly. Nevertheless, a fabulous recording.

    -ISTITUO DISCOGRAFICO ITALIANO: IDIS 6409 – 6 Great Soloists perform Paganini Vol 2 - Moses Fantasy 1938

    -VOXBOX CD3X 3020: Paganini 24 Caprices op 1 and Caprice d’adieu

    -VOX BOX: 5 cd set: The Art of Ruggiero Ricci:

    -DYNAMIC CDS 373: The Legacy of Cremona. The master plays 18 violins by contemporary violin makers with a programme of works by Nardini, Paganini, Dvorak, Schubert, Sibelius, Liszt/ Milstein, Achron, Chopin/ Ricci, Wagner/ Wilhelmj, Granados, Scott/ Kreisler, Sarasate, Wieniawski, Tchaikovsky

  • DAVID OISTRAKH (1908-1974) the king! one of my all time favourite violinsists. Everything he plays is fab. However, i think that his later recordings of the Tchaikovsky concerto, the tempo is much slower. I very much like the recordings with his son IGOR OISTRAKH (Mozart Sinfonia Concertante, Vivaldi and Bach double concerti)

    -EMI 7243 5 86841 2 4: Les Introuvables de David Oistrakh. CD1- Beethoven Sonata no 9 op 47 (1953); Beethoven concerto op 61 (1954); CD2 – Beethoven Sonata no 3 op 12 no 3 (1955); Szymanowsky: Sonata op 9 (1954); Shosakovich: Concerto no 1 op99 (1972); CD3 – Frank sonata (1954); Mozart sonata in B flat K454 (1956); Concerto no 3 K216 (1958); CD4 – Lalo Symphonie Espagnole op 21 (1954); Taneiev: Suite de concert op 28 (1956)

    -Melodyia: box set - details later

    -EMI CLASSICS: 7243 5 86841 2 4: Les introuvables de David Oistrakh: Beethoven: Kreutzer sonata; Beethoven concerto; Beethoven sonata no 3; Szymanowsky sonata op 9; Shostakovitch concerto no 1; Frank sonata; Mozart sonata in B flat K454 and concerto no 3; Lalo Symphonie espagnole op 21; TaneievL Suite de concert op 28. (1954, 1955 and 1956)

    -EMI CDZ 4 79531 2: Mozart violin concertos 1-3. and Rondo in C K373. The Berlin Philharmonic directed by David Oistrakh. (1972)

    -EMI CLASSICS 07777 7 64632 2 3: Brahms violin concerto (David); Mozart: Sinfonia Concertante (with Igor) (1960 and 1972)

    -EMI CLASSICS: 7243 5 74743 20: Mozart violin concertos 1-3; Rondo in C. David is soloist and director. (1972)

    -EMI CLASSICS: 7243 5 74744 2 9: Mozart concertos 4 & 5; Rondo concertante in B flat K269; Rondo in C K373; Adagio in E K261 (1972)

    -PHILLIPS CLASSICS:412 570-2: The Beethoven sonatas with Lev Oborin on piano (recording date not stated). Wonderful playing.

    -SONY/CSB CLASSICS: MPK 44854: PORTRAIT: Tchaikovsky and Sibelius concertos with Eugene Ormandy and the Philadelphia Orchestra (1974)

    -DEUTSCH GRAMMOPHON: The originals: 447 427 – 2: Bach concerto in A minor BWV 1041; Bach concerto in E major BWV 1042; Concerto for 2 violins in D minor BWV 1043 (with Igor Oistrakh); Beethoven Romances (1962); Brahms and Tchaikovsky concerti (1954).

    -RCA Classics: 74321 24219 2: Classical Navigator no 99: Hindemith violin concerto (1967); Kammermusik no 4 op 36 no 3 (1967); Viola concerto ‘Der Schwanendreher’ (1970).

    -REVELATION:RV10039: music for 2 violins (David and Igor): Ysaye: Amitie op 26 (1961) ; Vivaldi concerto in D minor (1961); Bach concerto in D minor (1967); Wieniawski: Etude Caprice op 18 (1954); Prokofiev sonata in C op 56 (1961); Sarasate Navarra (1954).

    -BERLIN CLASSICS BC 2131-2. David and Igor Oistrach Vol 2. Mozart concerto no 5 (David Oistrach); Beethoven Romances and Wieniawski concerto no 2 (Igor Oistrach). (1954, 1955 and 1956).

    -DYNAMIC cds 389: The violin of David Oistrakh the Conte de Fontana Stradivari: Mozart concerto no 3 K 219 (1961);

  • JOSEF GINGOLD (1909-1995) He studied with Vladimir Graffman and Eugene Ysaye. He has edited many works and etudes. More famed as a teacher in his later years, especially of his student Joshua Bell.

    -THE STRAD 9: Harris: Sonata; Bloch: Vidui; Schumann: Prophet Bird (arr. Auer); Massenet: Meditation; Wieniawski: 2nd Concerto - Romance; Medelssohn: Song without words op 62 no 1 (arr. Kreisler); Prokofiev: Aria from Alexander Nevsky (arr. Gingold); Walton: Sonata. Recorded 1942, 1951, 1964 and 1968.

  • YEHUDI MENUHIN (1916-1999) I was privileged to meet this legend on two occasions when I was a teenager and an aspiring violinist. His early recordings are indeed fascinating, especially those of him being accompanied on the piano by his first teacher Louis Persinger (who also taught Ruggiero Ricci).

    -EMI: Menuhin's recording of the Elgar concerto with Elgar conducting. Beatrice Harrison (sister of violinist May Harrison) plays the cello concerto. I think this is really a nice recording. The orchestra sounds terrible though.

    -EMI: GREAT RECORDINGS OF THE CENTURY: CDH 7 69786 2 Elgar violin concerto (1932); Elgar cello concerto with Beatrice Harrison (1928). Elgar conducting the London Symphony Orchestra

    -EMI CLASSIC: 7243 5 85562 2 3 (10 CDs) recordings 1951-1979: 1) Bach Brandenburg concerto no 5 (1959), concertos in A minor and E major (1958), Double concerto with Gioconda de Vito (1953); 2) Bartok: Rhapsody no 2 (1968), concerto no 2 (1965-6), Berg concerto (1968); 3) Beethoven Romance no 1 (1971) concerto (1971), Bruch concerto no 1 (1971); 4) Beethoven Romance no 2 (1960), Brahms concerto (1967), Mendelssohn concerto in e minor (1971), 5) Elgar concerto (1965/6), Walton concerto (1969); 6) Haydn concerto no 1 (1963), Mozart concerto no 4 (1954) Sinfonia Concertante with Rudolf Barshai (1962); 7) Lalo Symphonie espagnole (1956), Sain-Saens Concerto no 3 (1953), Introduction and Rondo Capriccioso and Havanaise (1957); 8) Paganini concerto no 1 (1955), Vieuxtemps concerto no 4 (1951) concerto no 5 (1954); 9) Tchaikovsky Serenade Melancolique (1959), Sibelius concerto (1955), Nielsen concerto (1952); 10) Vivaldi 4 Seasons (1979), Corelli concerto grosso op 6 no 2 (1964), Tippett Fantasia Concertante on a theme of Corelli (1964).

    -EMI References: 7243 5 67197 2 9: Bach sonatas and Partitas for solo violin (1934-1936).

    -BIDDULPH LAB 031: The Young Yehudi Menuhin: Archive Performances accompanies by his teacher Louis Persinger: Fiocco: Allegro; Achron: La Romanesca; Monasterio: Sierra Morena; Ries: La Capricciosa; Saenger: Scottish Pastorle; Handel: Prayer; Mozart: Adagio; Leclair: Sarabande & Tambourin; Spohr: Rondo; Serrano: Canciolin del Olvido; Samazeuilh: Chant D’espagne; Bloch: Nigun (1928 & 1929); Bruch violin Concerto no 1 in G minor with London Symphony Orchestra conducted by Landon Ronald (1931)

    -BIDDULPH LAB 058: The Young Yehudi Menuhin: Frank Sonata (1936); Lekeu: sonata in G (1938) with Hephzibah Menuhin; Chausson: Poem with Georges Enesco conducting the Paris Symphony Orchestra (1933).Menhuin accompanied by his sister Hebezipah. I think she is a fine pianist, and I understand that her own career was sacrificed in favour of her famous brother. The Frank Sonata is nice.

    -BIDDULPH LAB 047: Mendelssohn Violin Concerto (Kreisler) and Schumann Violin Concerto (Menuhin)

    -HMV 40: HMV 7 67644 2: Vivaldi 4 seasons; The Storm at Sea concerto in E flat; the Hunt concerto in B flat; concerto for 2 violin in C minor; Concerto for 4 violin in D major (with Alberto Lysy, Mi-Kyung Lee & Hu Kun. (1981, 1983, and 1987)

    -HMV 6: HMV 7 67610 2: Brahms violin concerto with Berlin Phil, Rudolfe Kempe cond (1958)

    -HMV 19: HMV 7 67623 2: Mendelssohn violin concerto Philharmonia with Efrem Kurtz (1969)

    -SERAPHIM 4XG-60404: Paganini: Concerto no 1 in D op 6 (Sauret cadenza); Concerto no 2 in B minor op 7 (Baller cadenza). London Symphny Orchestra cond. Alberto Erede (Recording date unknown).

    -BBC MUSIC VOL.VI NO1: Brahms violin concerto; Bach: Prelude from Partita in E major. A live radio broadcast recording 5 Aptil 1943. He does not play the Joachim cadenza in the Brahms.

    -ISTITUO DISCOGRAFICO ITALIANO: IDIS 6409 – 6 Great Soloists perform Paganini Vol 2 – La Campanella (1930); Moto Perpetuo (1934); Caprice No 6 (piano accomp: Enescu 1936); Caprice No20 (piano accomp. Marcel Gazelle, 1936)

  • HENRYK SZERYNG (1918-1988) A favourite violinist of mine. Played wonderfully on a 'del Gesu' and Strad.

    -MERCURY: LIVING PRESENCE LABEL 434 339-2: Schumann: concerto in D minor; Mendelssohn: concerto op 64; Bartok: Roumainian Folk Dances; Debussy: La plus que lente; Novacek: Moto Perpetuo; Brahms: Hungarian Dance; Jose Sabre Arroquin: Mexican Lullaby; Rimsky-Korsakov: Flight of the bumble bee. Thrilling playing, especially the Novacek. The rarely played Schumann concerto is very nice too.

    -mercury: LIVING PRESENCE LABEL 434 351-2: Fritz Kreisler Favourites, Jean-Marie Leclair sonata, Locatelli: The Labryinth

    -CBS/SONY: Masterworks Portrait. MP2K 46721 - JS Bach sonatas and Partitas

    -EMI: Paganini Concerto no 1 in D and no 4 in D minor;

    -Saint-Saens: Concerto no 3, Havanaise; Ravel: Tzigane

    -Brahms Concerto; Khatchaturian concerto

    -ASV: Ponce violin concerto

    -Mozart violin concerto no 3 and Vivaldi 4 seasons (live recording).

    -DVD: Beethoven Concerto

  • GINETTE NEVEU (1919-1949) - She tragically died in a plane crash

    -MUSIC & ARTS Label: CD837.(2 cds) Concerti by Brahms, Beethoven, Chausson's Poeme and Ravel's Tzigane. Some really lovely playing here. She plays with conviction.The recordings I have are form the year she died.

    -EMI cdh 7 63493 2: Chausson: Poeme op 25 (1946); Debussy: Sonata in G minor (1948); Ravel: Tzigane (1946); Piece en forme de habanera (1946); R Strauss: Sonata in E flat 0- 13 (1939)

  • ARTHUR GRUMIAUX (1921-1986) Belgian violinist who studied with Alfred Dubois and Georges Enescu

    -PHILIPS: 420 348-2: Beethoven concerto (1974) and 2 Romances (1970)< p>

  • LEONID KOGAN (1924-1982) Russian violinist. Teacher of Vikoria Mullova

    -EMI Classics: Artist Profile CZS 7 67732 2 CD1 - Brahms concerto, Lalo Symphonie Espagnole op 21, Tchaikovsky Serenade Melancholique op 26; CD2 – Beethoven & Tchaikovsky concerti. (1959)

  • CHRISTIAN FERRAS (1933-1982) French violinist

    -DEUTSCHE GRAMMOPHON SPECIAL: 427 015-2: 'Romantic Violin' Kreisler, Heifetz, Marsick, G. Catherine, Duskin arrangements of various works by Kreisler, Schumann, Schumbert, Mendelssohn, Dinicu, Dvorak,Massenet, Chaminade, Faure, Rimsky-Korsakov, Sarasate, De Falla, Saint-Saens, Stravinsky (1960)

  • MICHAEL RABIN (1936-1972)- one of my all time favourite violinists of all time. Stunning tone and virtuosity, I can't believe he died so tragically, so sad.

    EMI Classics CMS 7 64123 2 Michael Rabin: CD1 Paganini concerto no 1 op 6 (1960), Wieniawski concertos 1 & 2 (1960 and 1957); CD2 Paganini concerto no 1 (1955), Tchaikovsky concerto (1956); CD3 - Mendelssohn (1958) and Glazunov (1955) concerti, Bruch Scottish Fantasy (1957); CD4 – Paganini 24 Caprices op 1 (1958); CD5- Bach sonata in C BWV1005 (1956); Ysaye Ballade sonata no 3 and sonata no 4 (1956); Wieniawski Etude Caprice (arr. Kreisler) 1959, Debussy La plus que lents (1959); Ravel Piece en forme d’Habanera (1959), Tzigane (1958); Massenet Meditation (1960); Kreisler Caprice Viennois (1960), Saint-Saens Introduction and Rondo Capricioso (1956); CD6 – Saint-Saens Havanaise (1958), Introduction and Rondo Capricioso (1960), Sarasate Zapateado (1959), Habanera (1959), Zigeunerweisen (1960); Dinicu Hora Staccato (1960); Paganini Moto Perpetuo (arr. Kreisler) 1960 ; Elgar La Capricieuse (1959); Brandl Du alter Stephansturm (arr. Kreisler) 1960; Rimsky-Korsakov Bumble Bee (1960), Chopin Nocturne No 8 op 27 (arr. Wilhelmj) (1959) ; Mompou Jeunes filles au jardin (arr. Szigeti) (1959), Scriabin Etude in 3rd (arr Szigeti) (1959), Engel Sea Shell (arr Zimbalist) 1959, Prokofiev March (arr. Heifetz) 1959, Suk Burleska (1959).


    -Deutsch Gramaphone: Fine recordings of the complete Paganini concertos

    -Decca: Vivaldi concerti (20 cds) with Musici (12 violin sonatas Op1; 12 violin sonatas op 2; 12 violin concerti L'estro Armonico op3; 12 concerti La Stravangza; op 4; 6 violin sonatas op 5; violin sonatas op6; Op 7 12 concerti: Il cimento dell'armonia e dell'inventione, Op. 8; 12 concerti La Cetra OP 9; 6 flute concerti op 10; 6 violin concerti op 11; 6 violin concerti op 12)

    -Decca: Max Bruch: The complete violin concerti.

    -Dynamic:'Paganini's violin' Accardo playing a recital on Paganini's Guarneri del Gesu violin.

    -The STRAD 9: 'The violins of Cremona': This is a two CD set of music by Fritz Kreisler. Easy listening - a very enoyable album with some delightful sounding violins.

    -PHILPS 422 065-2: Vivaldi: 4 seasons, cocnerto for 4 violins in B minor and 3 violins in F major. Recorded on instruments by Antonio Stradivari (1987)

  • LYDIA MORDKOVITCH (1944-)Great violinist and my teacher! She has a huge discography on Chandos and also recorded on Collins Classics. I am sure it was fate to meet as my first encounter of her playing was when I bought her Bach cassette recording of the sonatas and partitas when I was 12 from Blackwells music shop in Oxford. We were have a day looking around the colleges, and I think I was on an organ course with Nigel Allcoat. I was immediately taken in by her playing, and whenever there was an opportunity to see her perform I would go to her concerts. I think we finally met one day when I was 15 or 16 and arranged at time when i would play to her at her home. I think I played her a Mozart concerto, no 5 at the time with my own cadenza.

    -RCA LP: Brahms Violin concerto

    -CHANDOS CDs -lots - more later

  • GIDON KREMER (1947-) Latvian violinist and conductor.Student of David Oistrakh

    -DEUTSCH GRAMMOPHON:431 803 2: Prokofiev: Sonatas 1 op 80 and 2 op 94a; Cinq Melodies op 35; with Martha Argerich (1992)

  • YUUKO SHIOKAWA (1950s?)Japanese violinist married to pianist Andras Schiff. I have not heard much of her playing. I understood that she recorded one of Jan Kubelik's concertos on his Strad violin loaned to her by his son the conductor Rafael Kubelik

    -DECCA 436 547-2: Mozart violin sonatas and variations. Recorded with her husband Andras Schiff. Playing Mozart’s concert violin and Mozart’s Fortepiano in the room he was borne in. A lovely recording. (1992). Recorded at lower pitch of A421 half a tone lower than A440.

  • RUTH WATERMAN British violinist who studied with Dorothy Delay. Her concerts are a mixture of playing and lecture about the music. I first met her in Oxford whilst at university at her concert in the Jacqueline du Pre building in 1997 or 1998 (accompanied by Carole Pressland - a very fine musician), and they needed a page turner, so I paged turned on that ocassion. It was very interesting to work with them. The programme was Mozart, Bach and Elgar I think. I later had some lessons from her in 2001/2002. She is very widely read and knowledgeable concerning bowing practises and performance practise of the music she is playing, be it Bach or Berlioz.She is also a very generous and kind person.

    -MERIDIAN: CDE 84354: Bach sonatas for violin and Obbligato Keyboard vol 1 with Morey Ritt Sonata no 1 Bminor BWV 1014; Sonata no 4 in C minor BWV 1017; Sonata no 3 in E major BWV 1016; Sonata no 2 in A major BWV 1015;

    -MERIDIAN: CDE 84354: Bach sonatas for violin and Obbligato Keyboard vol 2 with Morey Ritt and Carole Presland: Obbligato Sonata no 5 in F minor BWV 1018; Obbligato Sonata no 6 in G major BWV 1019; Cantabile ma un poco Adagio BWV 1019a; Adagio BWV 1019a; Continuo Sonata in G major BWV1021; Continuo Sonata in E minor BWV 1023. Realisations and ornamentation by Ruth Waterman

  • ITZHAK PERLMAN (1945-) -Israeli/ Amercian superstar violinist - a must have listening for any violinist! Student of Dorothy Delay and Ivan Galamian

    -EMI: The Perlman Collection (14 CDs I think)

    -Deutsche Grammphon: Mozart concerti 1-5

    -Deutsche Grammophon: Complete Mozart sonatas with Daniel Barenboim

    -Deutsche Grammophon 419 215-2: Mozart sonatas k376 and 377; 12 variations k359 'La Bergere Celimene'; 6 variations k360 'Au bord d'une fontaine/ helas, j'ai perdu mon amant' (1986)

    -Deutsche Grammophon 415 486 -2: Live from the Huberman Festival, Israel 1982 with Pinchas Zukerman: Womart Sonfonia Concertante (1982) & Concertone (1985)

  • KYUNG WHA CHUNG(1948-) Amercian based Korean violinist. Graduate of New York's Juillard School of Music. Studied with Ivan Galamian and Joseph Szgeti. A stunning virtuoso, and a really nice person!!! My first experience of her in live performance was wonderful - she played the Brahms concerto and her tone boomed to the back of the hall. I met her backstage, and she was so nice! Charles Dutoit was conducting. I find her and Anne-Sophie Mutter to be the most glamourous female violinists on stage - always exquisitely turned out and dressed. I love her recordings with Radu Lupu

    -DECCA box set: The Art of Kyung Wha Chung

    -DECCA con Amore - various pieces

  • NIGEL KENNEDY (1956-)British rebel. I met him at the Oxford Union when he came to talk in the late 1990s.

    -live: Elgar and Beethoven Concertos at the Sheldonoan Theatre, Oxford

    -live: rehearsal of Elgar and Beethoven concertos at St Peter's college chapel, Oxford

    -live: talk at the Oxford Union: Bach solo sonata in C.

    -EMI: BRAHMS concerto

    -EMI cdc 7 49717 2: Sibelius concerto (1988)

  • SHLOMO MINTZ (1957-) (1957-) Russian born Israeli violinist. Studied with Iiona Feher and Dorothy Delay

    -DEUTSCHE GRAMMOPHON 423 617-2: Brahms Concerto op 77 (1988)

  • ANNE SOPHIE MUTTER (1963-) Superstar of the violin world!!! You can always tell it's her playing on the radio: it's her vibrato. Sometimes, I think it's the same all the time.

    -Royal Festival Hall, 1992, Sibelius Concerto. Welser-Most concducting.My first time to see her live. I was so excited!!!

    -DEUTSCH GRAMOPHONE: The Beethoven Sonatas

    -DEUTSCH GRAMOPHONE: Mozart concertos no 3 and 5

    -DEUTSCH GRAMOPHONE: Beethoven concerto - a bit slow and long for me

    -DEUTSCH GRAMOPHONE: Brahms concerto and Brahms double concerto with Antonio Meneses on cello

    -DEUTSCH GRAMOPHONE: Carmen Fantasy: I love this album, but she trakes a romantic approach to the Tartini Devil's trill. Love her Sarasate Ziguenerweisen!

    -DEUTSCH GRAMOPHONE: Concertos by Bruch and Mendelssohn

    -DEUTSCH GRAMOPHONE: Then Berlin Recital with Lamber Orkis on piano. I love the Brahms Scherzo.

  • FRANK PETER ZIMMERMANN (1965)- German violinist who studied with Valery Gradov, Saschko Gawriloff and Herman Krebbers

    -Mozart at Buckingham Palace. TV performance of a concert at Buckingham Palace in front of the Queen and Prince Charles. He played the Symphonia Concertante with Tabea Zimmerman. He was fairly motionless on stage and didn't seem to respond so much to Tabea's wonderful expressive playing. (early 1990s)

    -EMI CDC 7 49737 2: Beethoven concerto and the 2 Romances (1988)

  • ANDREW MANZE (1965)- one of the outstanding British baroque violinists of his generation! Studied with Simon Standage after reading Classics at Cambridge!

    -HARMONIA MUNDI HMX 2907344.45: Heinrich Ignaz Franz von Biber 8 violin sonatas, Passacaglia for solo lute, sonata Representativa; sonata ‘La Pastorella’; Passagalia for solo violin.

    -HARMONIA MUNDI HMU 907259: Handel complete violin sonatas: super playing!!!!

    -HARMONIA MUNDI HMU 907137: Telemann 12 Fantasias and the Gulliver suite for 2 violins.

    -HARMONIA MUNDI HMU 907213: Tartini: Devil’s Sonata; 14 variations from L’arte de arco; Sonata in A minor; Pastorale for violin in scordatura. Very interesting, especially Devils trill sonata play solo violin (you can get the music: Hortus musicus edition)

    -HARMONIA MUNDI HMU 907298.99: Corelli: Sonatas op 5

    -HARMONIA MUNDI HMU 907155: Bach violin concertos (Double concerto with Rachel Podger)

    -HARMONIA MUNDI HMX 2907230: Vivaldi – Concert for the Prince of Poland. Sinfonia in G, Tempest di Mare concerto, concertos in D minor, A major, Il piacere concerto, and concerto in C major.

  • CHRISTIAN TETZLAFF (1966-)German violinist

    -VIRGIN 0777 7590652 3: Haydn: the 3 concertos; Mozart Rondo in C (1991)

  • MIDORI - (1971-). Japanese violinist based in LA. I loved her playing from the very first note I heard! She was totally delightful and so polite when I met her at the Barbican many years ago. I was also fortunate to meet and chat with Dorothy Delay (who was very sweet) on that occasion. I have been meaning to buy more of her recordings, especially the sonata recordings she has made with Robert McDonald. I also saw her play the Tchaikovsky concerto at the Proms a few years ago

    -SONY SK44944: Paganini: 24 Caprices. Super technic!

    -SONYSK45941: Dvorak concerto in A minor op 53, and Romance in F minor op 11

    -SONY: Bartok concertos no 1 & 2

    -SONY: Encore - this was my first recording i bought of hers. I was simply in love with and in awe of her sound at the time.

  • HU KUN Prize winning violinist and professor at the Royal Academy. Had lessons with Yehudi Menuhin and recorded concertos with him.

    -I saw him perform all of Paganini's op 1 24 Caprices at the Royal Academy of Music over 10 years ago. I was so excited as it was my first time to watch a live performance of these taxing works, and at the time I only knew that Leonid Kogan had done the same thing in Russia. I was also keep to watch and learn from HU KUN's flying staccato passages

  • XUE WEI Chinese violinist. Was professor at the Royal Academy London.

    -HUGO: HRP 7157G: Xue Wei and the Romance of Cremona – playing violins of the Royal Academy collection Antonio Stradivari; Nicolo Amati; Brothers Amati; Andrea Guarneri; Girolamo Amati II. Various recital pieces. Great playing and wonderful sounds he produces form these fabulous instruments.

    EMI ISRC CN-A23-03-373-00/A. J6 and ISRC CN-A23-03-0078-0/v.j6: Salut d’Amour: a album of music by Elgar, John Williams, Kriesler, Cecil Burleigh, Godard, Ciprian Porumbescu, Debussy, Nardini, Diabelli, Victor Herbert, Gluck, Desplanes, Dinicu, Lloyd Webber and chinese violin music

  • QIAN ZHOU: Winner of the Marguerite Long/ Jacques Thibaud Competition in Paris in 1987. Also featured on Isaac Stern’s film from ‘Mao to Mozart’. She is currently based in Singapore and is Assistant Professor of Violin at the Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music.

    -MARCO POLO: 8.225935: Dvorak: music for violin and piano vol 1: Romance in f minor; 4 Romantic pieces; sonata in F major and sonatina in G (2000)

  • RACHEL PODGER - A very fine Baroque violinist. The first time i saw her play was in a televised recording of Jonathan Miller's production of the Bach St Matthew Passion and she played one of the obligato violin solo 'Gibt mir meinen Jesu Wieder'. Then I had the privilege of her sitting next me to at the Holywell music room in a concert of the viol group Phantasm. We had a lovely chat about her playing; she is very friendly. She is professor at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama and a graduate herself. Studied with Perry Hart, David Takeno, Pauline Scott and Micaela Comberti.

    -CHANNEL CLASSICS: CCS SEL 2498 (1997,1998, 1999): Bach Solo Sonatas and Partitas: Simply one of the best recordings I have ever heard!

    -CHANNEL CLASSICS: Bach sonatas for violin and harpsichord– fabulous playing by Rachel and Trevor Pinnock. One of the best recordings of these works. Real dance characterization of the music comes to light here, not rushed or fast playing of some recordings of these works

  • MISHA KEYLIN (1970-) Russian violinist studied with Dorothy Delay. The recordings speak for themselves

    -NAXOS: ROMANTIC VIOLIN CONCERTOS: 8.554506 Vieuxtemps concertos no 1 in E major op 10 & no 4 in D minor op 31. Playing the 1715 Baron Knoop Stradivarius (1995 and 1999)

    -NAXOS: ROMANTIC VIOLIN CONCERTOS: 8.557016 Vieuxtemps concertos no 5 in A minor ‘Gretry’ op 37,no 6 in G major op 47 & no 7in A minor op 49. Playing the 1715 Baron Knoop Sradivarius (1999 and 2002)

    -NAXOS: ROMANTIC VIOLIN CONCERTOS: 8.554114 Vieuxtemps concertos no 2 in F sharp minor op 19 & no 3 in A major op 25. Playing the 1715 Baron Knoop Sradivarius (1995)

  • JAMES EHNES (1976-) Canadian violinist based in Florida and Philadelphia. Protege of Francis Chaplin, graduate of Juilliard. Plays on the Ex Marsick Stradivarius loaned to him by the Fulton Collection.

  • BIN HUANG: first prize winner of the Paganini competition in 1994

    -PHILARMONIA: ISRC CN-F58-03-0160-0/a j6/ GCDA 615: Beethoven violin concerto, played in Paganini’s ‘Il Cannone’ Guarneri de Gesu

  • SARAH CHANG (1980-) A very nice girl indeed and a super duper player. Heard live is amazing, especially when she plays Sarasate's Carmen Fantasy and Paganini concerto no 1 in D with the Sauret cadenza. Smashing stuff. She was very sweet too and has grown up to be beautiful person

    -EMI: Debut Album - astonishing for someone at that age!

    -EMI: Tchaikovsky violin concerto. Thrilling and so expressive!


  • CAMILLE SAINT-SAENS (1835-1921) French pianist and composer. Highly virtuosic playing at quite a speed. THe improvised cadenza on Afrique is simply hair raising. I think improvisation of this kind is a lost art. Simply delightful to hear this composer play his own works.

    APR 5533: The Piano G & Ts - Recordings from the Gramaphone and Typewriter era (1900-1907) vol 2:

    Saint-Saen playing Saint-Saens - Improvised cadenza on Afrique op 89, Valse Mignonne op 104, valse nonchalante op 110, extracts from Piano concerto no 2 in G minor op 22, Ascanio - Air de Scozzone (Act 2) with Meyrianne Heglon (mezzo-soprano), Reverie with Meyrianne Heglon (mezzo-soprano), Samson et Dalila - Printemps qui commence with Meyrianne Heglon, La Solitaire Melodie persane op 26/3, Rhapsodie d'Auvergne op 73 (Paris, 26 June 1904); Le Deluge - Prelude op 45 with Gabriel Willaume (violin), Elegie op 143 with Gabriel Willaume (violin), Reverie du soir a Blidah - Suite Algerienne op 60/3, Marche militaire Francaise - Suite Algerienne op 60/4, Premiere Mazurka op 21, Valse Mignonne op 104, Havanaise op 83 with Gabriel Willaume (violin)(Paris, 24 November 1919)

  • VLADIMIR DE PACHMANN (1848-1933) Pachmann was famed for his interpretation of Chopin. The recordings are very clear. Lots of big gestures in his playing with big rubato.

    APR 5531: The Piano G & Ts - Recordings from the Gramaphone and Typewriter era (1900-1907) VOL 1: chopin Etude in G flat op 25/9, Waltz in D flat op 64/1, Waltz in C sharp minor Op 64/2, Barcarolle in F sharp op 60, Nocturne in G op37/2, Prelude in G minor op 28/22, Prelude in F op 28/23, Mazurka in A flat, Raff: La Fileuse op 157/2 (London, 1907); Chopin Etude in C minor op 10/12, Raff La Fileuse op 157/2, Mendelssohn Rondo Capriccioso in E op 14, Liszt paraphrase on Verdi's Rigoletto (London, 1909). He brings out the melody very well through the texture in the Raff. He does not play the slow introduction to the Mendelssohn Rondo Capricciso but had a spectacular ending with the double octave passage.

  • ALFRED GRUNFELD (1852-1924) Austrian pianist

    APR 5532: The Piano G & Ts - Recordings from the Gramaphone and Typewriter era (1900-1907) vol 2: Grunfeld: Serenade in B op 32, Etude a la tarantella op 47/3, Mazurka a la Viennoise op 51, Ungarische Fantasie op 55, Chopin Maruka in B minor op 33/4, Schubert-Grunfeld Wohin? & Die Forelle (Vienna, early 1905); Grunfeld: Valse mignonne op 51/4 and Romance in D flat op 42, J Strauss-Grunfeld: Fruhlingsstimmenwalzer op 410. Nice to hear him playing his own compositions

  • CECILIA CHARMINADE (1857-1944) French pianist and composer. Studied with Félix Le Couppey, Savart, Martin Pierre Joseph Marsick and Benjamin Godard

    APR 5533: The Piano G & Ts - Recordings from the Gramaphone and Typewriter era (1900-1907) vol 2: Chaminade playing Chaminade: Air de Ballet op 30, Pas des Echarpes Callirhoe op 37, Courante Danse ancienne op 95/3, Les Sylvains op 60, Danse Creole (2nd Havanaise (op 94), L'enjoleuse op 50, Pierrette (Air de Ballet) op 41. (London late 1901).She has cut out a section in Les Sylvains.

  • SERGEI MIKHAILOVICH LYAPUNOV (1859-1924) also spelt Liapunov. Studied with Mily Balakirev and greatly influenced by Balakirev and Liszt

    -DAL SEGNO: Masters of the Piano Roll DSPRCD 005: Liapunov Etude Transendante op 11 no 12. 'Elegy on the Death of Franz Liszt'

    . This is the only recording of Liapunov that I know!


    -APR7010:Godowsky The Pianists' Pianist. The complete UK Columbia Recordings (1928-1930): 2 cd set. 1) Beethoven ;Les Adieux' sonata, Grieg Ballade in G minor, Schumann Carnaval, Chopin Nocturne op 72 and op 9/1; 2) Chopin Nocturnes op 9, op 15, op 27, op 32, op 37, op 48, op 55, sonata in B flat minor

  • ALEXANDER NIKOLAYEVICH SCRIABIN (1872-1915)Student of Nikolay Zverev,Anton Arensky, Sergei Taneyev, and Vasily Ilyich Safonov.

    -DAL SEGNO: Masters of the Piano Roll DSPRCD 005: Scriabin plays his own works: preludes op 22/1, op 11 nos 1, 2, 13, 14, Desire op 57/1, Mazurka op 40/2

  • RAOUL PUGNO - highly romanicised playing which at times is laughable. Such a speed and liberties! The recording itself doesnt help with its intonation miaowing once in a while. Nice to hear him play his own works

    APR 5532: The Piano G & Ts - Recordings from the Gramaphone and Typewriter era (1900-1907) VOL 2: Handel Gavotte & Variations, Scarlatti Sonata in A (L495), Pugno Impromptu valse, Chopin Waltz in A flat op 34/1 (Paris April 1903); Chopin Nocturne in F sharp op 15/2, Mendelssohn Song without words op 67/4, Massenet Valse folle, Chabrier Scherzo-valse, Pugno Valse Lente, Chopin impromptu in A flat op 29, Berceuse op57, Marche funebre, Mendelssohn Scherzo in E minor op 16/2(Paris, November 1903)


    APR 5532: The Piano G & Ts - Recordings from the Gramaphone and Typewriter era (1900-1907) vol 2: Chopin Fugue in A minor, Mendelssohn Song without words op 67/4, Janotha: Polish carillon and Gavotte imperiale (London 12 December 1904). Nice to hear her playing her own works


    APR 5531: The Piano G & Ts - Recordings from the Gramaphone and Typewriter era (1900-1907) VOL 1: Chopin Etude in G flat op 10/5, Polonaise in A op 40/1, Waltz in C sharp minor op 64/2, Prelude in C minor op 28/20, Prelude in A op 28/7, Chopin- Michalowski - Waltz in D flat, Liszt My joys (Chopin op 74/12), Mendelssohn Song without words in A op 64/2, Liszt Soiree de Vienne no 6 (Schubert)(Warsaw, late 1905); Chopin Waltz in C sharp minor op64/2 and Etude in E flat op 10/11 (Warsaw, 21 September 1912)

  • LANDON RONALD (1873-1938) British pianist also known as Landon Ronald Russell

    APR 5531: The Piano G & Ts - Recordings from the Gramaphone and Typewriter era (1900-1907) VOL 1: Wagner Die Meistersinger Overture, Greig Dance Caprice op 28/3, Liszt Hungarian Rhapsody no 2 in C sharp minor, Mendelssohn song without words in C op 67/4, Chopin Polonaise in A op 40/1 (London October 1900)

  • SERGEI RACHMANINOFF(1873-1943). Russian pianist composer

    -RCA 10 cd set: 09026 61265 2: 1) Rachmaninoff: Concertos no 2 op 18 (1929) & no 3 op30 (1939/40);

    2) Rachmaninoff concertos no 1 op 1(1939/40), no 4 op 40 (1941), Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini op 43 (1934);

    3) Rachmaninoff: Ilse of the Dead op 29 (1929), Vocalise op 34 no 14 (1929), Symphony in A minor no 3 op 44 (1939);

    4) Beethoven sonata in G op 30 no 3 (1928), Schubert sonata in A D574 (1928), Greig Sonata in C minor op 45 (1928);

    5) Bach Partita no 4: Sarabande (1925), Handel Harmonious Blacksmith air and variations (1936), Mozart Rondo ‘alla turca’ (1925), Beethoven 32 Variations in C minor Wo0 80 (1925) Chopin-Liszt Return Home, The Maiden’s Wish (1942), Schubert-Liszt Das Wandern (1925), Serenade (1942), Liszt Polonaise no 2 (1925), Mendelssohn Spinning song (1928), Schubert Impromptu (1925), Liszt Gnomenreigen (1925), Gluck-Sgambati Melodie (1925), Mendelssohn Etudes in F and A minor op 104b (1927), Schumann-Tausig The Smuggler (1942), Paderewski Minuet (1927), Kreisler-Rachmaninoff Liebesfreud (1942);

    6) Chopin Sonata no 2 op 35 (1930), Schumann Carnaval op 9 (1929), Chopin Nocturne op 9 no2 (1927), Waltz op 64 no 2 (1927), Waltz op 64 no 3 (1927), Ballade no 3 op 47 (1925), Mazurka op 68 no2 (1935), Waltz in E minor (1930);

    7) Bach-Rachmaninoff Preludio, Gavotte, Gigue from Violin Partita no 3 in E major (1942), Mendelssohn-Rachmaninoff Scherzo (1935), Kreisler-Rachmaninoff Leibesfreud (1925), Schubert-Rachmaninoff Wohin? (1925), Rachmaninoff Polka de VR (1928), Etude-tableau op 39 no 6 (1925), Prelude op 3 no 2 (1928), Mussorgsky-Rachmaninoff Hopak (1925), Tcahikovsky-Rachmaninoff Ninna Nanna op 16 (1942), Rimsky-Korsakov-Rachmaninoff Bumblebee (1929), Beethoven-Rubinstein Turkish March (1925), Borodin Scherzo (1935), Tchaikovsky Troika (1928) Scriabin Prelude op 11 no 8 (1929), J Strauss II-Tausig Man lebt nur einmal (1927), Traditional-Rachmaninoff Powder and Paint (with mezzo soprano Nadejda Plevitskaya 1926), Rachmaninoff Polka italienne (duet with Natalie Rachmaninoff 1938);

    8) Rachmaninoff concerto no 2 op 18 (1924), Prelude op 23 nos 10, 3, 7, 6 (1940), Etude-tableau op 33 nos 2 and 7 (1940), Daises op 38 no3 (1940), Oriental Sketch (1940), Melodie op 3 no 3 (1940), Serenade op 3 no 5 (1936), Humoresque op 10 no 5 (1940), Lilacs op 21 no 5 (1942), Moment musical op 16 no 2 (1940);

    9) Chopin Mazurka op 63 no 3 (1923), Nocturne op 15 no 2 (1923), Waltz op 18 (1921), Waltz op 34 no 3 (1920), Waltz op 64 no 1 (1921), Waltz op 69 no 2 (1923), Waltz op 70 no 1 (1921), Scherzo no 3 op 39 (1924), Waltz op 64 no 1 (1923), Daquin Le Coucou (1920), Bizet-Rachmaninoff Minuet (1922), Sain-Saens-Siloti The Swan (1924), Mendelssohn Spinning song (1920), Greig Waltz and Elfin Dance (1921), Dohnanyi Etude in F minor op 28 no 6 (1921), Henselt etude op 2 no 6 (1923), Miszkowski Etude op 52 no 4 La Jongleuse (1923), Debussy Dr Gradus Ad Parnassum and Golliwogg’s Cakewalk (1921), Tchaikovsky Troika (1920), Humoresque op 10 no 2 (1923), Waltz op 40 no 8 (1923)

    10) Rachmaninoff: Prelude in G minor op 23 no 5 (1920), Prelude op 32 no 12 (1921)m Prelude op 3 no 2 (1921), Prelude op 32 no 5 (1920), Serenade op 3 no 5 (1922), Lilacs (1923), Polichinelle op 3 no 4 (1923), Polka de VR (1921), Kreisler-Rachmaninoff Liebesleid (1921), Liszt Hungarian Rhapsody no 2 (1919), Scarlatti-Tausig Pastorale in e minor (1919), Mozart Theme and variations from K 331 (1919), Chopin Waltz op 42 (1919). Waltz op 64 no 3 (1919), Rachmaninoff Polka de VR (1919), Barcarolle op 10 no 3 (1919), Prelude op 3 no 2 (1919).

  • JOSEF LHEVINNE (1874-1944) Russian Jewish pianist who settled in Amercia.He and his wife Rosina were reknown teachers and wrote a book on the principles of piano technique.>p> -NAXOS Great Pianists 8.110681: The complete recordings. Mozart sonata in D for 2 pianos (with Rosina Lhevinne); Schumann Toccata and Fruhlingsnacht; Chopin Etudes op 10/6, op 25/10 & 11, Preludes op 28/16 & 17, Polonaise op 53; J Strauss II/Schulz-Evler Blue Danube waltz, Debussy/ Ravel Fetes; Beethoven/Busoni Ecossaises; Schumann/ Tausig El Contrabandista; Tcahikovsky Trepak; Rachmaninov Prelude in G minor. (1920-1937). Very interesting playing.

  • ERNST VON DOHNANYI (1877-1960) Hungarian pianist and composer also known as Erno von Dohnanyi

    -APR7038: complete HMV solo recordings. Dohnhanyi plays Dohnanyi. Very interesting to hear composers play their own works. His playing is very clear and 'clean' and a contrast to Nicolai Medtner

  • ALFRED DENIS CORTOT (1877-1962)

    -NAXOS Great Pianists: 8.110612: Piano concertos (Schumann (1934) and Chopin no 2 (1935).

    -NAXOS Great Pianists: 8.11613: Frank Symphonic variations; Saint-Saens: Concerto in C minor no 4; Ravel concerto for the left hand; Saint-Saens: Etude - waltz.

    -NAXOS Great Pianists: 8.111052: Chopin: complete etudes op 10 (1933), op 25 (1934), 3 Nouvelles Etudes (1949) and Barcarolle op 60 (1933). Super playing!

    -ANDROMEDA ANDRCD5012: The Schumann Piano Works (original HMV 1927/1935): Symphonic Etudes, Danvidsbundlertanze, Carnaval, Papillon, Kreisleriana, Piano Concerto op 54, Piano Trio (with Thibaud and Casals)

    -EMI CZS 7 67359 2 (6 CD SET): Frederic Chopin: The Piano Works: 1) Berceuse op 57, Chant polonaise no 12, Etude op 10/5, op 25/1/9/11, Impromptus no 1/2, Valse no 7, Berceuse op 57, Ballade no 1, Preludes op 28/1/4/8/12/17/19/24, sonata no 3; 2) Prelude op 28/12, Nocturne op 9/2, sonata no 2, Polonaise op 53, 4 Ballades, Fantasie op 49, Tarentelle op 43; 3) Barcarolle op 60, Etudes op 10 & 25, Valses no 1/5/10/14; 4) Concerto no 2 in F minor, Impromptu no 3; 14 Valses; 5) 24 Preludes op 28, Etudes op 10; 6) Etudes 0- 25, 2 Chant polonasie op 74, Nocturnes no 4/5/7/15/16, 3 nouvelles etudes, Prelude op 45. This is a must have set in any Chopin player's collection along with Rubinstein's Chopin recordings! Of course there are many blips from inaccuracies but it's the whole style and sense of the music and the performance that counts. I think note perfect is great but shouldn't be the be all and end all of musical performance to be attained in sacrifice to the overall performance of the musical work.

  • NICOLAS KARLOVICH MEDTNER (1880-1951) -highly romantic music and expressive playing, some of his works remind me of Rachmaninov.Some of the his music and playing simply overwhelmes you in comparrison to Dohnanyi playing his own music.

    -APR 5546: THE COMPLETE RECORDINGS VOL 1 - Medtner playing his compositions: Marchen/ Fairy tales op8, op 14, op20, op 26, op 17 (Novelle)op39 (Canzona matinata) ; op 40 (danza jubilosa), op 38 (danza festiva); op 49 (Hymn in praise of toil) , op 51; and Beehtoven sonata op 57 in f minor.

    -APR 5547: THE COMPLETE RECORDINGS VOL 2 - Medtner playing his compositions: Marchen/ Fairy tales op 14, op20, op26, op 34, op 51; op 17 (Novelle); op38 (danza festiva); op7 (Arabesque); op 40 (Danza jubilosa); op 31 (Improvisation); Violin sonata op 21 with Cecilia Hansen on violin.

    -APR 5548: THE COMPLETE RECORDINGS VOL 3 - Medtner playing his compositions: Canzona Matinata, Sonata Tragica op 39; Arabesque in a op 7; Sonata Ballada in F sharp op 27; Hymn in praise of toil Op 49; Novelle op 17; Marches/ Fairy tales op 26 and op 51; Primavera op 39.

  • BELA VIKTOR JANOS BARTOK 1881-1945) Hungarian pianist and composer

    Bartok plays Bartok, piano music - interesting but not my favourite recording

  • SERGEI PROKOFIEV (1881-1953) It is very interesting to hear Prokofiev play. He was obviously a competent player; Slava Richter's comments about his playing and him are interesting to read in his book. it is especially enjoyable to hear him play his own piano works, especially the Prelude in C which I love playing. I would like to play the Toccata one day, Martha Argerich plays is wildly and faster!

    -DAL SEGNO: Masters of the Piano Roll DSPRCD 005: Prokofiev playing his own works (March op 12/1, Gavotte op 12/3, Rigadon op 12/3, Scherzo op 12/10, Intermezzo, March, 2 Whims op 25/ 1 & 6, Sarcasms op 17/1 & 2, Prelude op 17/7, Tales of old Grandmother op 31, Toccata op 11) as well as Rachmaninov's prelude op 23/5, Glazunov Gavotte op 49/3, Scriabin: Prelude op45/3, Winged Poem op 51/7

  • ARTUR SCHNABEL (1882-1951) - Polish pianist. A very expressive player. I understand from his books that his repertoire was mainly of Brahms, Beethoven and Mozart.

    -EMI: Complete Beethoven Sonatas: An amazing recording and simply inspirational interpretation of Beethoven! One of the best Beethoven cycles around

    -APR5526: Complete 1946-1947 HMV solo recordings: Mozart sonata K332 in F and Rondo in A minor.

    -THE RADIO YEARS RY 69. New York, War Years in Europe. Artur Schabel and Bruno Walter on Amercian Radio 1941. Mozart concerto no 22 in E flat K482

  • ARTUR RUBINSTEIN (1882-1982) - Polish/ American pianist.Huge international success

    -RCA Victor Gold Seal GD87967: Mozart concertos no 20 (K466) & 21 (K467); Haydn: Andante & Variations in F minor (1960-1961)

    -RCA Victor Gold Seal GD87968: Mozart concertos no 23 (K488) & 24 (K491), Rondo in A minor K511 (1958, 1959, 1961)

    -RCAVictor Gold Seal GD60822 11 cd set: Artur RubinStein: The Chopin Collection. A must have in any pianist's collection

  • IGNAZ FRIEDMAN (1882-1948) - Polish who studied with Riemann and Leschetizky. I also read that he played in Busoni's masterclasses as well. He was famed for his interpretation of Chopin mazurkas. He retired from the concert platform in 1943 due to paralysis of his left hand.

    -PEARL IF 2000 (4 CD SET): The Complete solo Recordings 1923-1936: 1) Carlatti/ Tausig Pastorale in E minor; Mozart Rondo alla Turca; Gluck/Brahms Gavotte; Anon/ Friedman Judgement of Paris; Hummel Andante Favori in E flat; Paderewski Minuet in G, Friedman speaks on Paderewski, Beethoven Sonata op 27/2 (and alternate recordings od 2nd and 3rd movements), Weber Invatation to the dance, Schubert/ Tausig Marche Militaire, Schubert/ Liszt Hark, Kark the Lark, Schubert/ Friedman Alt Wien; 2) Chopin Prelude op 28/15/19, Etudes op 25/6/9, op 10/5/12/7, Ballade no 3, Mazurka op 7/1/2/3, op 24/4/ op 33/2/4/, op 41/1, op 50/2, op 63/3, op 67/3/4, op 68/2,imprumptu op 36; 3) Chopin Polonaise op 53 op 71, Berceuse, Valse op 34/2, op 64/1, sonata op 35, nocturne op 55/2, Friedman speaks on Chopin, Mendelssohn song without words op 19/3/6. op 102/5, op 30/6, op 38/2/6, op 53/2, op 53/4, op 67/2, scherzo op 16/2, Liszt Hungarian Rhapsodie no 2; 4) Paganini/ Liszt/Busoni/Friedman La Campanella, Dvorak Humoresque, Rubinstein Valse Caprice, Romance, Moszkowski Serenata op 15, Suk Minuetto, Mittler Little Nana's Music Box, Friedman Music box op 33/3, elle danse op 10/5, Marquis et Marquise op 22/4, Gaertner/ Friedman Viennese Dance nos 1, 2, 6, Grieg Concerto in A minor. I love his Chopin Mazurkas, his playing has much panache in faster pieces. Not keen on his Beethoven though! Interesting to hear him play some of his own compositions, of whch I have some of the music.

  • HEINRICH GUSTAVOVICH NEUHAUS (1888-1964) Renown as a teacher of Slava Ricther and Emils Gilels

    -MELODIYA 74321 25174 2: The Russian Piano School Vol 2. Mozart: Rondo in A minor K511; Sonata for 2 pianos in D major K448 (with son Stanislav Neuhaus); Debussy: Preludes Books 1 & 2; Prokofiev: Visions fugitives op 22. (1946, 1948, 1950 and 1956). Very musical playing.

  • WALTER GIESEKING (1895-1956) A famed pianist and best student of Karl Leimer. He and Leimer wrote a book on piano technique. Gieseking's Debussy and Ravel playing was legendary, holding the pedal down for several bars!

    -NAXOS Historial: concerto recordings 2: Mozart concerto in E flat K271 (1936); Beethoven no 1 in C op 15 (1937); Liszt concerto no 1 in E flat (1932). Surprisingly lyrical playing if not a little dry sometimes

    -ANDANTE: AN 2090 4 cd set: Walter Gieseking Piano: 1) Beethoven concerto no 1 in C op 15, no 5 in E flat op 73, Bach Partita no 1 in B flat: Menuet 1 & 2 plus Gigue (1934-1937); 2) Beethoven conata no 21 op 53 'Waldstein', Bagatelle in E flat op 33/1, Bach Partita no 5, Beethoven sonata no 28 in A op 101, Brahms Intermezzi op 118/6, op 76/3/4, op 116/4, op 119/2; Debussy Reverie, R Strauss Standchen op 17/2 (1938-1939); 3) Grieg Concerto in A minor op 16, Cradle Song op 68/6, French Serenade op 62/3, Schumann Concerto op 54, Mozart sonata in C K545 (1937-1949); 4) Rachmaninov concertos 2 and 3 (1940);

  • SIMON BARERE (1896-1951) Ukranian Jewish pianist who studed at the Odessa Imperial Music Academy and later at the St Petersburg Music Conservatory under Essipova and Blumenfeld. he was hailed by Glazunov as 'Franz Liszt in the right hand and Anton Rubinstein in the other'. He tragically died from a brain haemorrhage whilst playing Grieg's piano concerto at Carnegie Hall. His playing is highly virtuosic.

  • APR 6002 (2 cd set): The Complete HMV recordings 1934-1936. 1) Liszt La Legierezza, Petrarch Sonnet no 104, Gnomenreigen, Reminiscences de Don Juan, Valse Oubliee no 1, Rapsodie espagnole, Chopin: Scherzo no 3, Mazurka no 38, Waltz no 5 op 42; 2) Balakirev: Islamey, Blumenfeld: Etude for left hand, Glazunov: Etude in C, Scriabin: Etudes in C sharp minor and D sharp minor, Godowsky-Loeillet Gigue, Godowsky-Rameau Tambourin, Schumann Toccata op 7, Liszt Don Juan Fantasy, plus other takes of the same music.

  • APR 5623: Live are Carnegie Hall vol3: Liszt Sonata in Bminor, Loeillet-Godowsdky pieces

  • SOLOMON (SOLOMON CUTNER) (1902-1988) British pianist who was simply known as 'Solomon'. He studied with Matilda Verne, a student of Clara Schumann. He suffered a stroke which paralysed his right arm and he didn;t play professional again.

    -EMI 50999 2 06102 2 7 (7cd): Solomon - The Master Pianist. 1) Beethoven concertos no 3 and 5; 2) Grieg and Schumann Concertos, Beethoven sonata no 27; 3) Beehtoven sonatas 'pathetique, Moonlight, Waldstein and Les Adieux; 3) Beethoven sonatas: Appassionata and Hammerklavier; 5) Brahms concerto no 2, Tchaikovsky concerto no 1; 6) Scarlatti sonata in F L384, Bach/ Busoni Chorale Prelude 'Wachet auf', Mozart sonatas K331 and 576, concerto in c minor k491; 7) Liszt Hungarian Fantasia, Scriabin COncerto, Bliss Concerto

  • CLAUDIO ARRAU (1903-1991) A great pianist from Chile. I remember when he died. There was a special concert broadcast on the TV of him playing Beethoven's 'Emperor' Concerto when he was 80. I really like his playing.

    -Philips: Liszt: 'Complete Etudes' The recording is good,but not all of Liszt Etudes are accounted for. The 12 Transcendental Etudes and the 5 concert studies are recorded but not Ab Irato

    -APR5631: Arrau in Concert: Chopin Preludes.

    -PHILIPS 400 025-2: Chopin Waltzes (1979)

    -PHILIPS 416 215-2: Beethoven Emperor concerto (1984)

    -PHILPS 420 654-2: Chopin concerto no 2 in F minor op 21 (1971); concert rondo in F op 14 'Krakowiak'; Andante spianato et Grande Polonaise Brillante op 22 (1972)

    -100th Anniverssary Collection box set: WONDERFUL

    -URANIA SP4246: (2 cd set) Goldberg variations, 3 inventions, 3 sinfonias, Chromatic Fantasy & Fugue in D minor. (USA: 1942/1945). Very clear and clean playing, not much pedal.

    -EMI References CDH 7610162: Chopin etudes (complete).

    -PHILIPS DUO 456 336-2: Chopin Complete nocturnes. Very enjoyable and poetic.

    -MUSIC & ARTS CD-1060 (2 cd set): Claudio Arrau in Germany - 1) Chopin Ballade no 1; Beethoven sonata op 10/3 (31/5/1938); Mozart sonata K576 (31/5/1938); Beethoven: Sonata op 2 (13/11/1938); 2) Haydn Andante con variazioni in f op 83 (13/11/1938); Liszt Sonetto 104 del Petrarca (19/7/1937); Liszt concerto no 1 E flat (19/7/1935); Liszt Etude: Harmonies du soir (19/7/1937); Chopin Scherzo no 3 op 39 (1939); Liszt Les jeux d'eaux a la villa d'Este (1929). Simply super playing.

    -PHILIPS 462 358-2: 14 CD SET: Beethoven - complete sonatas and piano concertos, and triple concerto. Scrummy!

  • VLADIMIR HOROWITZ (1903-1989) One of the all time greats of the piano world. Ukranian born American pianist who left Russia in 1925. Student of Leschetizky pupils Vladimir Puchalsky and Sergei Tarnowsky & Felix Blumenfeld. Married Arturo Toscanni’s daughter Wanda.

    -LIVING STAGE LS 1045[2CD SET]: Concerts at Carnegie Hall – live recordings 1967: Schumann Sonata in F minor, Traumerei, Leicht und Zeit, Chopin Valse Brilliante in A minor op 34 no2, Ballade in G minor op 23, Liszt Valse Oubliee, Au bord d’une source, Bizet-Horowitz Carmen Fantasy, Moszkowski Etincelle op 36/6; 1970: Scarlatti Sonatas L494, L35, L124, L118, L335, Clementi sonata in C op 36 no 3, Rachmaninov Etude-Tableau op 33 nos 5, 2, Etude-Tableau op 39 nos 9, 5, Prelude op 32 no12, Sonata no 2 op 36 in B flat minor. Some really beautiful playing, especially the tone colour form the pedalling in the Scarlatti sonatas

    -SONY CLASSICAL LEGACY S3K93039 3cd set: In the hands of the Master: Vladimir Horowitz – The Definitive recordings. 1) Chopin polonaise in A flat (1971) op 53, Etudes op 10 nos 3 (1972), 4 (1973) and 12 (1972), Mazurka op 59/3 (1973), Etude no 2 (3 new etudes) (1965), Scarlatti sonatas K531-L430 (1962) and K455-L209 (1962), Schubert Impromptu in G flat op 90 no 3 (1962), Scriabin Poeme op 32/1 (1962), Schumann Arabesque op 18 (1962), Rachmaninov Etude-Tableau op 39/5 (1962), Liszt Consolation no 2 s172 (1962), Scherzo & March s177 (1967);

    2) Schumann Kinderszenen op 15 (1962), Scriabin Feuillet d’album op 45/1 (1972), Etudes op 42/4 & 5 (1972), Chopin Waltz in A minor op 32 /2 (1971), etudes op25/1 & 5 (1989), Ballade op23/1 (1968), Scarlatti sonatas K466-L118 & K146-L349 (1964), Liszt Hungarian Rhapsody no 19 (1962), Wagner-Liszt Liebestod (1989), Horowitz Variations on a Theme by Bizet from Carmen (1968);

    3) Beethoven Sonata op 27/2 (1972), Scarlatti sonatas K491-L164 & K39-L391 (1964), Schumann Variations on a theme by Clara Wieck (1969), Clementi sonata in B flat op 25/3 (1963), Chopin Mazurka op17/4, Etude op 10/5 (1971), Nocturne op 62/1 (1989), Polonaise op 40/1 (1972), Prelude op 28/15 (1971), Scriabin Etudes op 8/12, op 2/1 (1962), Feuillet d’album (1972), Rachmaninoff Prelude op 32/12 (1968), etude-tableau op 33/5 and 2, etude-tableau op 39/9 (1967).

    -SONY CLASSICAL LEGACY S3K93023 LIMITED EDITION 3cd set: Horowitz LIVE & UNEDITED –The Historic Carnegie Hall Return Concert 1) Bach-Busoni Toccata, Adagio & Fugue in C, Schumann Fantasy op 17, Scriabin Blackmass Sonata op 68, Poeme op 32/1; 2) Chopin Mazurka op 30/4, Etude op 10/8, Ballade op 23/1, Debussy Serenade for the Doll no 3, Moszkowski Etude op 72/11, Schumann Traumerei. Bonus track: Schumann Kinderszenen op 15; 3) DVD outakes from the film, ‘Vladimir Horowitz: The Last Romantic’

    -ANDANTE LIMITED EDITION: The HMV/Gramophone & RCA Victor Recordings 1928-1947 . 4 cd set:

    1) Dohnanyi Capriccio op 28/6 (1928), Liszt Valse Oubliee no 1 s 215 (1930), Horowitz Danse Excentrique (1930), Liszt – Busoni Paganini Etude no 2 ‘Octave’ (1930), Rachmaninoff concerto no 3 op 30 (1930), Prelude in G minor op 23/5 (1931), Haydn Sonata Hob XVI:52 in E flat (1932), Poulenc Pastourelle & Toccata (1932), Chopin Mazurka op 7 no 3, Etude op10/8 (1932);

    2) Liszt Sonata in B minor (1932), Funerailles (1932), Chopin Mazurka op 41/2, Beethoven 32 Variation in C minor Wo0 80 (1934), Bach-Busoni Chorale Prelude Nun freut euch, liebe Christen (1934), Debussy Etude book 2 no 11 (1932), Scarlatti sonatas K87-L33 & K125-L487 (1935), Chopin Mazurka op 50/3, Etude op 10 no 4 & 5 (1935), Scherzo no 4 op 54 (1936);

    3) Chopin Andante Spianato & Grand Polonaise op 22 (1945), Polonaise no 6 op 53 (1945), Valse no 3 op 34/2 (1945), Mendelssohn Variations Serieuses op 54 (1946), Song without words op 67/5 & op 62/1 (1946), Liszt-Horowitz Wedding March & Variations after Mendelssohn (1946), Chopin Ballade no 1 op 23 (1947), Nocturne op 15/2 (1947), Liszt Au Bord d’une source (1947), Hungarian Rhapsody no 6 in D flat major (1947);

    4) Mussorgsky-Horowitz Pictures at an Exhibition (1947), Mussorgsky-Horowitz By the water (1947), Prokofiev sonata no 7 op 83 (1945), Toccata op 11 (1947), Schumann Traumerei (1947), Mozart rondo alla turca (1946), Debussy Serendade for the Doll (1947), Poulenc Presto in B flat (1947).

    -DEUTSCH GRAMOPHONE 419 499-2: Horowitz in Moscow, live recording at the Moscow Conservatory 1986. Scarlatti sonata K380-L23, Mozart sonata in C K330, Rachmaninov Preludes op 32 nos 5 & 12, Scriabin Etudes op 2/1 and op8/12, Schubert-Liszt Soirees de Vienne-Valse Caprice no 6, Liszt Sonetto 104 del Petrarca, Chopin Mazurkas op 30/4, op 7/3, Schumann Traumerei, Moszkowski Etincelles op 36/6, Rachmaninov Polka de WR

    -DEUTSCH GRAMOPHONE Cassette 419 045-4: from the film, ‘Vladimir Horowitz: The Last Romantic’: Bach-Busoni Chorale Prelude Nu komm’ der Heiland, Mozart sonata in C K330, Chopin Mazurka op 17/4, Scherzo no 1 op 20, Schubert Impromptu op 90/4, Liszt Consolation no 3, Schumann Novellette op 21/1, Rachmaninov Prelude op 32/12, Scriabin Etude op2/1, Chopin Polonaise no 6 op 53, Moszkowski Etude op 72/6

    -DEUTSCH GRAMOPHONE 474 370-3: Limited Edition 6 cd set: Complete Recordings on DG:

  • LOUIS KENTNER (1905-1987) - A superb pianist! He has also written an informative book on piano playing which is a very interesting read. I only have two recordings of his, but so far his playing has impressed me.

    -APR5620: Liapunov: 12 Etudes Transcendental - he plays these with such ease and effortlessness! I think it was recorded in 1949.

    -APR5514: The pioneering Liszt recordings 1937-1941: Hungarian Rhapsidy No 2, Ballade No 2, Benediction de Dieu dans la solitude, Berceuse (second version), Polonaise No 1, Scherzo & March, Hungarian Rhapsody No 9. Super playing!

  • SHURA CHERKASSKY (1909/1911-1995) Ukranian pianist, one of my favourite artists. I find his tone so lyrical. Known as one of the last Romantic giants in piano playing. He was a pupil of Josef Hofmann. I find his live recording for his 80th birthday recital at Carnegie Hall astonishing. I'm hooked now.

    -DECCA 4750402: Live Recording from Carnegie Hall of Cherkassky's 80th birthday recital. Bach:/ Busoni: Chaconne; Chopin Nocturne in F minor op 55 and Tarantella in A flat op 43; Gould: Boogie Woogie Etude; Hofmann: Kaleidoskope op 40/4; Ives: 3-page sonata; Schumann: Symphonic Etudes; Pabst: Concert Paraphrase on Tchaikovsky's Eugene Onegin. Stunning playing with an extraordinary lyrical touch in the Bach-Busoni Chaconne

    -ORFEO D'OR C 431 962 1 MONO. ADD: Live recording from the 1968 Salzburg Festival: Bach: Partita BWV830 in E minor; Brahms Sonata in F minor op 5; Chopin 24 preludes op 28; Richard Rodney bennet 5 studies for piano; Liszt Polonaise no 2.

    -BBCL 4185-2: BBC Legends Cherkassky: Rameau: Gavotte in A minor with 6 variations; Beethoven Sonata Pathetique; Mendelssohn: Sonata Ecossaise/ Fantasia in F sharp minor op 28; Chopin: Nocturne in F minor op 55, Scherzo in B Flat minor op 31; Scriabin: 2 preludes op 11/5 & 10; Tcahikovsky: Nocturne in C sharp minor op 19/4; Liszt: Reminiscences de Don Juan (Aldeburgh Festval; 24 June 1974). Thrilling playing. A few liberties in the Rameau though!

  • SIR GEORG SOLTI (1912-1997) Hungarian pianist and conductor

    -LP: Beethoven sonata

    -DECCA 430 232-2: Mozart concertos k466 in d minor (playing and directing from the piano); for 2 pianos with Daniel Barenboim; concerto for 3 piano with schiff and Barenboim. (1990)

    -DECCA 425 110-2: Brahms variations on a theme of Schumann op 23. DUET WITH aNDRAS sCHIFF (1989)

  • JORGE BOLET (1914-1990) Cuban/ American pianist. Pupil of Godowsky, Hofmann and Rosenthal. I have seen his masterclass on Rachmaninov concerto no 3. Very interesting.

    -DECCA 425 518-2: Debussy: 16 Preludes (1989)

    -DECCA 410 115-2: Franz Liszt piano works vol 3: Sonata in B minor, Valse impromptu, Liebestraume - 3 Nocturnes, Grand Galop Chromatique

  • SLAVA RICHTER (1915-1997)- one of the great Russian pianists ever. His biography/ interviewss and note books is fascinating to read

    Box set 15 cds: The Prague recordings

    Liszt sonata in B minor and Liszt concerti

    -DOEREMI DHR-7864-9 6 cd set: Richter 5 live recitals from Carnegie Hall New York October 1960: Beethoven sonatas no 3 op 2/3, no 7 in D op 10/3, no 9 in E op 14/1, no 12 in A flat op 26, no 22 in F op 54, no 23 in f minor Appassionata; Hadyn sonata in C Hob XVI:50; Schubert Impromptu in A flat op 90/4; Prokofiev sonatas no 6, 8, sonatina, Paysage, Pensees, Gavotte, Scriabin Sonata no 5; Debussy Suite Bergamasque, Images, L'isle joyeuse, Preludes no 3, 5; Ravel Oiseaux Tristes, Pavane pour une infante defunte, Jeaux d'eau; Schumann Novelettes op 21/ 1/2/8, Fantasy op 17, Fantasiestucke op 12/2; Chopin Scherzo no 4 op 54, Mazurka no 15 op 24/2, etudes op 10/1 and 3; Rachmaninov: Preludes op 23/1,2,4,5,7,8, op 32/1/2/6/7/9/10/12

  • EMIL GILELS(1916-1985). Russian pianist who studied with Heinrich Neuhaus

    -DG: Brahms concertos

    -BRILLIANT CLASSICS: 92615: Historic Russian Archives: EMIL GILELS EDITION: 10 CD set. 1) Chopin nocturne op 48/1, sonata no 2, polonaise 'Heroic', Impromptu no 2, sonata no 3; 2) Liszt sonata in B minor (1949), Hungarian Rhapsody no 15, sonata in B minor (1965), Hungarian Rhapsody No 9, Valse Oubliee no 1; 3) R. Schumann sonata no 1 & 2, Arabesque, Carnaval; 4) Prokofiev: Sonata nos 2, 3, 8, Visions Fugitives, Toccata; 5) Scirabin: sonatas no 3, 4, Preludes op 74, Medtner: sonata in G minor op 22; 6) Debussy: Suite Pour le Piano, Images (book 1), Estampes, Ravel: Le Tombeau de Couperin; 7) Tchaikovsky: 6 Morceaux op 19, Scriabin Sonata no 2, Rachmaninoff: Preludes; 8) Brahms 4 Ballades op 10, Fantasien op 116, Weber: Sonata in A flat op 39; 9) Rachmaninoff: concerto no 3, Tchaikovsky: concerto no 1; 10) Liszt: Concerto no1, Chopin: concerto no 1, Andante Spiniatoet grande polonaise brillante

  • DINU LIPATTI (1917-1950) Roumanian Pianist and composer. Studied with Cortot in Paris and concertised with Enescu. One of my very favourite pianistFor me, he is one of the greatest pianists that ever lived! Tragic he died so young. I understand that he was a gift composer as well, but I do not know any of his compositions.

    -EMI: Bach: Partitia no 1 in B flat; Bach-Busoni: Chorales; Scarlatti: sonatas; Mozart: sonata in A minor; Schubert: Impromptu in G flat;

    -EMI: Schumann: concerto

    -EMI: Chopin: Waltzes

    -EMI: Bach: concerto no 1 in D minor BWV 1052 (arr Busoni) 1947, Liszt Concerto in E flat S124 (1947), Bartok Conceto no 3 Sz119 (1948)

    -EMI: Chopin Concerto no 1 in E minor

  • ARTURO BENEDETTI MICHELANGELLI (1920-1995). Italian pianist who studied at the Instituto Musicale Venturi with Paolo Chimeri, and later in Milan with Giovanni Anfossi. He was also an acomplished violinist having studied with Renzo Francesconi. He won the Geneva International competition in 1939. Alfred Cortot is said to have prolaimed him the 'new Liszt'.

    DEUTSCH GRAMMOPHON: 469 820-2 (8 cdS): COLLECTORS EDITION: 1) Mozart Concertos in C K415 and B flat K450 (1990); 2) Mozart concertos in D minor K466 and C major K503 (1989); 2) Beethoven concertos no 1 in C and no 3 IN C minor (1979); 3) Beethoven concerto no 5 'Emperor', Sonata no 4 in E flat op 7 (1971); 5)Schubert sonata in A minor D537, Chopin 10 Mazurkas, Prelude in C sharp minor, Ballade no 1 in G minor, Scherzo in B flat minor; 6) Schumann Carnaval op 9, Faschingsschwank aus Wien op 26 (1957), Brahms Ballades op 10; 7) Debussy Preludes book 1 (1990), Childrens corner (1971); 8) Debussy Preludes book 2 (1988), Images books 1 & 2.(1971). So far I have noticed that his playing in the Beethoven concerti is more lively and articulate than in the Mozart K415 and K450.

  • GEORGES CZIFFRAS (1921-1994). Hungarian born French pianist who studied at the Liszt Academy of Music in Budapest with Erno Dohnanyi. He made a number of transcriptions of Brahn's hungarian dances and is noted for his transcription of Rimsky-Korsakov's Flight of the the Bumblebee

    -EMI 7243 5 74512 2 2 (5 cd set): Liszt Oeuvres pour piano: 1) Hungarian Rhapsodies 1-9; 2) Hungarian Rhapsodies 10-15, Rhapsoy Espagnole; 3) 12 Transcendental Etudes; 4) Mephisto Waltz, Les jeaux d'eau a la villa d'Este, Valse oubliee no1, Valse-impromptu, Reve d'amour no 3, Grand Galop chromatique, La Campanella, La Chasse, La Rondes des lutins, Dans les bois, Funerailles; 5) Ballade no 2, Polonaise no 1, 2 Legendes, Sonata in B minor

  • WILLIAM KAPELL (1922-1953). American Jewish pianist. Studied with Dorothea Anderson La Follette, Olga Samaroff and at Juillard school. Admired the artistry of Artur Schnabel. He died tragically in a plane crash.

    -NAXOS Great Pianists: 8.110692: Historical Recordings 1945-1951: Rachmaninov: Concerto no 2; Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini. Great playing, very refreshing!

  • RONALD BERTRAM SMITH. (1922-2004) His recordings of Alkan's music are legendary. He also wrote a book on Alkan in two volumes. He was president of the Alkan Society (registered charity no. 276199) of which I am a member

    -APR7031: Ronald Smith - Charles-Valentin Alkan 12 Studies in the minor keys Op 39; Allegro Barbaro op 35 ; La Chanson de la folle au bord de la mer Op 31; Trois petites fantasies op 41. Superb playing!

    -APR7032 Ronald Smith – The Chamber works and solo piano pieces: Grand Duo concertant for violin and piano op 21; Marche funebre op 26; Trio for piano, violin and cello op 30; 12 etudes in the major keys (nos 10, 11 and 12 only); Chant no 1; Capriccio all soldatesca op 50; sonata for cello and piano op 47. (1992 and 1994) Again superb playing

    -APR5568: Schubert: Wanderer Fantasy, two Sonatas in A minor D537 and D784.

    -APR5565: Chopin vol 1: Fantasie in F minor op 49; Nocturne no 13 op 48/1; Scherzo no 4 op 54; Barcarolle op 60; Nocturne no 4 op 15/1; Scherzo no 3 op 39; Mazurka no 13 op 17/4; Polonaise-Fantasie op 61; Tarantelle op 43; Ballade no 4 op 52.

    -APR5567: Chopin vol 2: Etudes op 10 & 25

    -APR5557: Liszt: Sonata in B minor

  • JULIUS KATCHEN (1926-1969). American Jewish pianist.

    -DECCA LONDON 455 247-2: 6 cd set: Brahms works for solo piano. The sonatas are great.

    -DECCA 475 7221 DC8: 8 cds set: Original Masters. the Decca Recordings 1949-1968: 1) Beethoven Diabelli variations, Polonaise, Sonata op 111 (1953, 1955, 1968); 2) Schubert Anderer Fantasie, Schumann Toccata, Carnaval, Symphonic etudes (1953, 1957); 3) Chopin Ballade no 3, Fantasie, sonatas no 2 & 3, Fantasie Impromptu, Polonaise op 53 (1949, 1954, 1961); 4) Mendelssohn 4 piano pieces, Franck Prelude, Chorale and Fugue, Brahms violin sonata 2 and 3 with Ricci (1953 and 1956); 5) Brahms Sonata no 3, Handel variations, Paganini Varations (1949, 1958); 6) Ravel concertos (1965 and 1968), Bartok from Mikrokosmos and Piano concerto no 3 (1953); 7) Gershwin Rhapsody in Blue, Rorem sonata no 2, Britten Diversions op 21, Prokofiev concerto no 3 (1952, 1954, 1968); 8) Rachmaninov concerto no 2, Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini, Dohnanyi variations on a nursery tune (1951, 1954).

  • ALEXIS WEISSENBERG (1929-) Bulgarian born Jewish pianist based in France. Graduate of Juilliard

    -DEUTSCH GRAMMOPHON 415 510-2:Debussy: Estampes, Etudes no 11, Suite Bergamasque, Children's Corner, La Fille aux Cheveux de Lin; L'Isle Joyeuse; La Plus que Lente (1985)

  • MARIA TIPO (1930-) Italian pianist who studied with her Mother Ersilia Cavallo (a Busoni pupil), and Alfredo Casella and Guido Agosti

    -WARNER FONIT 3984 27267-5: Clementi Piano works vol 1 sonatas op 40 and op 50 (1978)

    -WARNER FONIT 8573 87131-2: Clementi Piano works vol 2 sonatas op 8, op 9, op 47 (1980)

    -WARNER FONIT 3984 27267-5: Clementi Piano works vol 3 sonatas op 10, sonata and toccata op 11, sonata op 46, waltzes for piano tambourin and triangle op 38 and op 39(1981)

  • ALFRED BRENDEL (1931-). Czech born Austrian pianist now resident in the UK. Had little or hardly any formal piano training save for some masterclasses with Fischer and Steurmann.

    -PHILIPS: COmplete beethoven sonatas

    -PHILIPS: Moussorgsky - Pictures at an exhibition (1985); Liszt: Vexilla regis prodeunt Sursum Corda; Abenglocken; Invocation (1986)

    -PHILIPS 400 078-2: Schubert 'Trout' Quintet with the Cleveland Quartet (1977)

  • ADAM HARASIEWICZ (1932-) Polish pianist who won Chopin Competition in 1955

    -PHILIPS 420 704-2: Chopin: Polonaises (1967 and 1970)

  • DAVID WILDE (1935-)– prize winner of the Liszt-Bartok competition in 1961. Studied with Franz Reizensein, Iso Elinson, Paul Badura-Skoda, Gordon Green and Nadia Boulanger.

    SAGA CLASSICS: SCD 9042 – Piano music of Liszt. Music from Ken Russell’s film Lisztomania.

  • VLADIMIR ASHKENAZY (1937-) Russian pianist/ conductor. Chopin Competition prizewinner in 1955.

    -DECCA 414 564-2: Chopin - the nocturnes (1977, 1980, 1983, 1984, 1985)

    -DECCA: Rachmaninov: concerti 1-4

    -DECCA 410 199-2: Brahms concerto no 2 (1984)

  • MICHAEL PONTI (1937-) German/ American pianist who studied with students of Godowsky and von Sauer. I like his playing, plus he has championed forgotten Romantic concerti recorded on VOXBOX label.

    -VOXBOX CD5X 3606 (5 cd set): Scriabin complete piano music (save for the sonatas)

  • MARTHA ARGERICH (1941-) Amazing! I saw her play Schumann concerto at the Proms on television a few years ago

    -Deutsch Grammophon: the originals:447 430-2 ‘Debut recital’ Chopin Scherzo no 3 c sharp minor op 39; Brahms 2 Rhapsodies op 79; Prokofiev: Toccata op 11; Ravel: Jeux d’eau; Chopin Barcarole in F sharp major op 60; Liszt Hungarian Rhapsody no 6, Sonata in B minor. 1961 and 1972. Fabulous playing.

    -Deutsch Grammophon:Martha Argerich Collection 11 cd set: 1) Beethoven concertos no 1 op 15 and no 2 op 19; 2) Chopin concertos no 1 op 11 and no 2 op 21;3) Tchaikovsky concerto no 1 op 23; Schumann concerto op 54; 4) Liszt concerto no 1 in E flat; Prokofiev concerto no 3 op 26; Ravel concerto in G; 5) Chopin: piano sonatas no 2 op 35 & no 3 op 58, Barcarolle op 60, Scherzo no 2 op 31 & no 3 op 39; 6) Chopin: 24 Preludes op 28, Prelude in C Sharp minor op 45, Prelude in A flat op post, Andante spianato & Grnade Polonaise op 22, Polonaise in no 6 op 53, Polonaise-Fantasie op 61, 3 Mazurka op 59; 7) JS Bach: Toccata in C minor BWV911, Partita no 2 in C minor BWV826, English Suite no 2 in A minor BWV807; 8)Schumann: Kinderszenen op 15, Kreisleriana op 16; Sonata no 2 in D minor op 22; 9) Liszt: Sonata in B minor, Hungarian Rhaphsody no 6; Brahms Rhaphsodies op 79; Ravel: Gaspard de la nuit; Prokofiev: Toccata op 11; 10) Ravel: Jeux'd'eau, Sonatine, Valses nobles et sentimentales, Ravel/ Sadlo: Ma Mere L'oye, Rapsodie espagnole; 11)Tchaikovsky/ Economou: The Nutcraker; Rachmaninov: Symphonic Dances op 45 (with Nicholas Economou); Bartok: Sonata for 2 pianos and percussion (with nelson Freire, Peter Sadlo, Edgar Guggeis). An absolutely super set of wonderful wonderful playing!!!!! -Deutsch Grammophon 423 665-2: Ravel concerto (1988)

    -Philips 416 841-2: Saints-Saens: Carnival of Animals with Nelson Freire, Gidon Kremer, Tabea Zimmerman, Mischa Maisky, George Hortnagel, Irena Grafenauer, Eduard Brunner, Markus Steckeler, Edith Salmen-Weber (1985)

  • MAURIZIO POLLINI (1942-) Italian pianist, winner of the Chopin Competition in 1960 and student Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli.

    -DEUTSCHE GRAMMPHON 427 642-2: Beethoven - 4 piano sonatas op 31/2, op53, op 79, op 81a (1989)

  • RADU LUPU (1945-)Roumainian pianist. Studied with Lia Busuioceanu, Florica Muzicescu, Cella Delavranca, Galina Eghyazarova, Heinrich Neuhaus and Stanislav Neuhaus. Winner of the Van Cliburn (1966), the Enescu International (1967), and the Leeds International (1969) competitions.

    -Concert 1995 The Plaza Centre, Southend on Sea: Beethoven sonatas - amazing concert!!! I enjoyed it so much, he had a really deep sound.

  • MITSUKO UCHIDA (1948-)- A very sensitive and passionate pianist.One of my favourites

    -Concerts: Royal Festival Hall: Brahms Piano Concerto no 1 in D minor with Kurt Sanderling conducting. What a performance!

    -Phillips: The Complete Mozart Piano concerti with the English Chamber Orchestra;

    -Phillips: The COmplete Mozart piano sonatas;

    -Phillips: The Complete Beethoven Concerti with Kurt Sanderling conducting.

    -Phillips: Schubert: Impromptus: Such a passionate recording!

    -Phillips: Schubert: Complete sonatas - lovely recording

    -Phillips: Schumann: Carnaval & Kreisleriana - again a passionate recording with such drive!

    -Philips 422 412 -2: Debussy: 12 Etudes (1989)

  • EMANUEL AX (1949-) Polish pianist who emigrated to Winnipeg Canada as a child. He Studied at Juilliard. His piano teacher was Mieczylaw Munz. He is a graduate of Columbia University. He won the Arthur Rubinstein International Piano competition in 1974. Now based in New York City, and is married to the pianist Yoko Nozaki. He has a huge discography and is a very fine player

    -RCA Classics, Classical Navigator 74321 24204 2: Chopin 4 Ballades and Sonata no 2. (1985)

  • BORIS PETRUSHANSKY (1949-) Russian pianist who studied with Heinrich Neuhaus and Lev Naumov

    -STRADIVARIUS STR 33763 5 cd set: Dimitri Shostakovich: Complete Piano Music.

  • HOWARD SHELLEY (1950-) British pianist. He’s a really nice chap, I met him at a concert 15 years ago, but on that occasion he was conducting.

    -HYPERION CDS44041/8: The Complete piano music of Sergei Rachmaninov – amazing!

    -HYPERION CDA66375: Rachmaninov: Suites 1 & 2; Symphonic dances. Duets with Hilary Macnamara (1989)

    -HYPERION The Romantic Piano concerto - 32: CDA67385: Moscheles piano concerto no 1 in F op 45, no 6 in B flat ‘Fantastique’ op 90, no 7 in C minor ‘Pathetique’ op 93. Great to hear his rarely hear music. I simply adore Moscheles’s piano music. Very hard to come by though.

    -CHANDOS CHAN 9807: Hummel -piano works (2000). Great compilation of rarely heard Hummel piano music.

    -CHANDOS CHAN 10005: Cramer piano concertos no 2 op 16 in D minor, no 7 op 56 in E major, no 8 op 70 in D minor. (2002)

    -Cassette: Mozart concerto in C minor

  • MICHEL BEROFF (1950-) French pianist. Studied at the Paris conservatoire and won the first prize at the first international Olivier Messiaen piano competition in 1967.

    -Deutsch Grammophon 423 665-2: Ravel concerto for the Left Hand (1988)

  • DINORAH VARSI (1950S?) Uruguaian / Swiss pianist, prize winner of the Clara Haskill competition in 1967 and pupil of Geza Anda

    -EMI CDS 7 47932 8 (2cds): Chopin Mazurkas (1986)

  • JENO JANDO (1952-) Hugarian pianist who studied with Katalin Nemes and Pal Kadosa

    -NAXOS 8.503004: Liszt: Years of Pilgrimage. This was the first recording of these works I ever heard when I first started studying them

  • ANDRAS SCHIFF (1953-) Hungarian pianist based in London and Florence. Married to violinist Yuuko Shiokawa

    -DECCA 421 422-2: Scarlatti keyboard sonatas (various) (1989).

    -DECCA 425 110-2: Brahms concerto no 1 op 15; duet with Sir Georg Solti: Brahms variations on a theme of Schumann op 23 (1989)

  • PETER DONOHOE (1953-) British pianist, pupil of Derek Wyndham at Royal Northern College of Music. Winner of the Tchaikovsky competition in 1982

    -Cassette: EMI: Brahms piano concerto no 1

    -EMI cdc 7 49124 2: Tchaikovsky concerto no 2 in G op 44 (original version) with Nigel Kennedy and Steven Isserlis (1986);

    -EMI cdv 7 49940 2: Tchaikovsky concerto no 2 in G op 44 (original version) with Nigel Kennedy and Steven Isserlis (1987);Concerto no 3 in E flat op 75 (1989)

  • MARTIN JONES British pianist. Has records for Nimbus records and has recorded the complete piano works of Mendelssohn, Brahms, Debussy, Grainger, and Szymanowski. Quite a lot of practise and learning there!

    -NIMBUS NI 5326: Virtuoso Showpieces: A nice compilation of forgotten and rarely played pieces. (1992)

  • FRED OLDENBURG (1955-) Dutch pianist who studied at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague with Theo Bruins and later at Juilliard with Beveridge Webster, and later with Eduardo del Pueyo

    -BRILLIANT CLASSICS 92457: Carl Czerny/ Franz Liszt: Master & Pupil. Czerny op 740 The Aret of Finger Dexterity studies(selection) and Liszt Transcendental Studies. Played on an Erard. An interesting recording espcially listening ot Liszt played on an Erard, which has a less spectacular brilliant powerful sound than a modern concert grand piano.

  • KRYSTIAN ZIMERMAN (1956-) Polish pianist who studied with Andrzej Jasinski. He won the Chopin Competition in 1975. I understand that since 1996 he has been teaching at the Academy of Music in Basel Switzerland.

    -DEUTSCHE GRAMMOPHON 423 571-2: Liszt concerto no 1 & 2/ Totentanz (1988)

    -DEUTSCHE GRAMMOPHON 423 612-2: Schubert Impromptus D899 & D935 (1991)

  • ALEXANDER PALEY (1956-) Moldavian pianist. Studied with Bella Davidovich and Vera Gormstayeva. Won the 7th Leipzig International Bach compeition in 1984 and a Prize at the First International Pancho Vladigerov competition in Bulgaria

    BRILLANT CLASSICS: 6 cd set 92617: Balakirev: complete piano music (1992)

  • BENJAMIN FRITH (1957-). British pianist and student of Fanny Waterman. Prize winner of Busoni International competition and Arthur Rubinstein Piano Master Competition.

    -NAXOS 8.550939: Mendelssohn piano works vol 1 6 preludes and fugues op 35, 3 caprices op 33, Perpetuum mobile in C op 119. (1994)

    -NAXOS 8.550940: Mendelssohn piano works vol 2 3 preludes op 104a, 3 etudes op 104b, Variations serieuses in D minor op 54, Christmas pieces op 72, Barcarole in A, Scherzo in B minor, Sonata in E op 6. (1995)

    -NAXOS 8.553186: Mendelssohn piano works vol 3 Sonata in B flat op 106, 3 Fantasies/ Caprices op 16, Album-Leaf in E minor op 117, Andante cantabile e Presto agitato in B, Variations in E flat op 82, Rondo Capriccioso in E op 14 (1995)

    -NAXOS 8.553358: Mendelssohn piano works vol 4 Sonata in G minor op 105, Fantasia on ‘The Last Rose of Summer’ op 15, Etude in F minor, Capriccio in E major op 118, Variations in B flat op 83, Scherzo a capriccio in F sharp minor (1995)

    -NAXOS 8.553541: Mendelssohn piano works vol 5 Fantasia/ Sonata ecossaise in F sharp minor op 28, 7 Characteristic pieces op 7, Prelude and fugue in e minor, Sonata movement in B flat minor, Capriccio in F sharp minor op 5 (1995)

  • IVO POGORELICH (1958-). Croatian pianist who studied in Moscow. Won the Casagrande Competition in Terni, Italy in 1978, the Montreal International Music Competition in 1980. In the same year was unsuccessful in the Chopin competition but was proclaimed by juror Martha Agerich as a genius and in protest left the jury.

    -DEUTSCH GRAMMOPHON 415 122-2: Tchaikovsky concerto no 1 in B flat minor op 23 (1986)

    -DEUTSCH GRAMMOPHON 435 618-2: Haydn: Sonata in A Hob. XVI:46; Sonata in D Hob.XVI:19 (1992)

  • LOUIS LORTIE (1959-) Canadian pianist

    -CHANDOS: 8482: Chopin - complete etudes.(1986) Super playing!

  • STEPHEN HOUGH (1961-) British pianist and composer. I have been unforunate not to have seen him in concert yet, but one of these days I will. I did seem him this year in Chappells of Bond Street though!

    -Hyperion CDA67331/2: Saint-Saens: Complete works for Piano and Orchestra. Great recordings! A must have recording, thrilling playing. Gramophone Award: Record of the Year 2002. well done Stephen!

    -Hyperion CDA67390: Hummel piano sonatas: F sharp minor op 81, D major op 106, F minor op 20: Super playing by Mr Hexpressive playing of such underplayed works, I adore the F minor sonata.

    -Hyperion: Mendelssohn Works for piano and orchestra. Another fab recording of the G minor and D minor concerti (Shame the earlier A minor concerto was not included), the Capriccio Brillant and the rarely heard Serenade and Allegro Giocoso.

  • PIERS LANE Australian pianist based in London

    -HYPERION CDA67394: Moscheles: complete concert etudes: Charasteristic studies op 95, 2 etudes op 98, 2 etudes op 105, 4 grandes etudes de concert op 111, grande etude de concert op 126. (2003)

  • OLLI MUSTONEN (1967-) Finnish pianist

    -DECCA 433 055-2: Shostakovitch 24 preludes op 34 and Alkan 25 preludes op 31.(1991) This recording won the Edison Award and Gramophone Award for the Best Instrumental Recording in 1992

  • BORIS BEREZOVSKY (1969-) Russian pianist who studied at the Moscow Conservatory. He studied with Virsaladze and Satz. Winner of the 1990 International Tchaikovsky Competition.

    -Warner Classics 5101 16033-2 (4 cds) 'Boris Berezovsky: Chopin, Liszt, Rachmaninov, Moussorgski, Medtner, Balakirev' 1) Liszt: Piano concertos 1 and 2, Totentanz; 2) Rachmaninov concerto no 3, preludes op 23/5/6/9/10; 3) Chopin complete etudes; 4) Mussorgsky: Night on a bare mountain, Rachmaninov Etudes-Tableaux op 39, Liadov Preludes op 57/1, op 40/2, op 39/4; Medtner Fairy Tales op 34/2, op 20/1, op 34/3, op 51/1, Romantic Sketches for the Young op 54/2, Balakirev: Islamey.

  • LORA DIMITROVA - My beloved teacher and an amazing pianist and musician - everyone should see her perform

    -Concerts attended: Royal Festival Hall: Grieg Piano Concerto 1992; Queen Elizabeth Hall: Beethoven Concerto No 4; Wigmore Hall 1995: Ravel Mirriors and Chopin Ballade no 4; Holywell Music Room Oxford: the 4 Chopin Ballades and 'Bretagne OP 68' by Francis Routh 1999


    -ESL 199801 Bach: Partita no 4 in D major; Bartok: Mikrokosmos Book 6; Schumann: Symphonic Variations. A MUST HAVE CD! The Bach is so lyrical, tender, clear and so personal, Bartok, rhythmically exciting, Schumann - fantastic!

    -REDCLIFFE RECORDINGS RR018: Music by Francis Routh

    -Beethoven Piano concerto no 4 in G major.


    -CHANNEL CLASSICS CCS 12398: Rossini complete works for piano vol 1: L’Album pour les enfants adolescents. Played on a Pleyel 1858 (1998)

    -CHANNEL CLASSICS CCS 13898: Rossini complete works for piano vol 2: L’Album pour les enfants degourdis. Played on an Erard 1849 (1999)

    -CHANNEL CLASSICS CCS 16098: Rossini complete works for piano vol 3: Un Petit train de plaisir. Played on an Erard 1849 (2000)

  • LIU XIAO MING – Shanghainese pianist, graduate of the Shanghai Conservatory. Studied with Qain Jin Zou, Ma Si Suen and Horst Gobel in Berlin

    -SIGNUM SIG X96-00: Moscheles concerto no 6 op 90 ‘Concert Fantastique’ (1999).


    -NAXOS 8.553701: Romantic Piano Concertos: Thalberg concerto in F minor op 5, Souvenir de Beethoven Grande Fantasie on the 7th symphony op 39, Nocturne op 28, Canzonette Italienne op 36 no 5, Un Soupir Melodie Variee (1995/6)

  • DMITRY FEOFANOV -NAXOS 8.553702: Romantic piano concertos: Alkan concerto op 39 and concerto da camera no 1-3. (1995)

  • OLEG MARSHEV - Russian pianist, studied with Valentina Aristrova and Voskrensensky. Winner of the 1988 Pilar Bayona International competition, AMSA World Piano competition Cincinnati, Concorso Pianistico Internazionale ‘Citta di Marsala’ and the Concorso Pianistico Internazionale Roma.

    -DANACORD: DACOCD 530: Hexameron and other morceau de concert by Liszt, Pixis, Herz, Chopin, Thalberg and Czerny (1999)


    -BRILLIANT CLASSICS 99035: Beethoven - the complete piano concertos 1-6. No 6 in D major op 61 is the rarely heard transcription of the violin concerto.


    -RUSSIAN DISC: RD CD 11337: Rubinstein piano works (1970). It is nice to hear more of Rubinstein's music other than the melody in F!!!!


    -WARNER FONIT 8573 87495-2: Muzio Clementi – 23 studies from Gradus Ad Parnassum (1980). It is so good to hear this recording, as I don't know whether anoyone else has recorded this music


    -FOUR HANDS MUSIC FHMD 9921: Carl Czerny: 6 grand trios for 6 hands (1999)


  • MALCOLM BILSON (1935-)

    -ARKIV: The Complete Mozart piano concerti with John Elliot Gardiner conducting the English Baroque Soloists. A very enjoyable and my prefer recordings of the concerti. The fortepiano is very lyrical and the playing is more historically aware than Mitsuko Uchida's sensitive approach, and Bilson fills in many of the 'gaps', for example where Mozart wrote one note per bar in the right hand just before a cadence, he fills this in with a scale or broken chords.


    -MUSIC & ARTS CD 1055: Muzio Clementi 3 sonatas op 40, 4 Monferrinas op 49, played on a Grand Pianoforte by Clementi & Co (1806/7).(1999)


    -EMI: The Beethoven Broadwood. A fine recital of rarely played Beethoven pieces: Bagatelles and Rule Britannia Variations etc


    -CLASIC TALENT DOM 2910 15: Cherubini 6 sonatas for fortepiano (1994)

  • RICHARD BURNETT - I met him at Finchcocks piano museum when I was 13 or 14, aside from his interesting character, he is a very fine player. Finchcocks was great! I got to see and play on many fine 'antique' pianos and harpsichords, and a replica fortepiano for Mozart's time. I remember playing Scarlatti sonatas on the harpischords and Mozart on the Fortepianos. There was also a 19th century piano with beautiful carving and gold leaf, and I recall playing some Chopin on that one. The trip was very memorable, as we had a picnic on the grounds. The Friend who took us has since died. I remember vividly that at the time I was learning the Mozart K491 c minor concerto and was memorizing the score in the car on the journey to Finchcocks

    AMON RA RECORDS: Beethoven sonatas (Spring and Kreutzer) with Ralph Holmes (playing the Royal Academy's Habenneck Stradivari)

    AMON RA RECORDS: Hummel. Music for violin and piano with Ralph Holmes (playing the Royal Academy's Habenneck Stradivari)

    AMON RA RECORDS: The Mozart Piano Quartets.My favourite is the G minor


  • SCOTT ROSS (1951–1989) Excentric French Canadian harpsichordist

    -WARNER CLASSICS 256462092-2: 34 cd set: Scarlatti – the complete keyboard sonatas

  • TON KOOPMAN (1944-)

    -PHILIPS DUO: 446 542-2: Haydn: complete harpsichord concertos



    -DECCA 425 723-2: Harp Concertos by Handel; Boieldieu; Dittersdorf; Mozart Theme, variations, rondo pastorale; Handel variations; Beethoven 6 variations on a Swiss song (1967, 1980, 1990)



    -RCA: Rennaissance Lute music


    -SONY SK 48 068: The Lute in Dance & Dream. Masterpieces for Lute 16th-18th Century (1988)



    -Deutsch Gramophone: The Mozart Quartets


    -EMI CLASSICS CDC 7 543452: Schubert: 'Death and the Maiden' Quartet in D minor D810; Quartet in E flat D87 (1991) -EMI: Ravel


    -Nimbus: The Beethoven quartets


    -Bartok quartets



    -Deutsche Grammophon 423 268-2: Ozawa conducts Prokofiev: Romeo & Juliet (1987)


    -EMI CDC 7 47348 2: Temirkanov conducting: Khachaturian - Spartacus & Gayaneh (1986)


    -EMI cdm 7 63093 2: Borodin: Symphony no 2 in B minor; Balakirev: Russia; Rimsky-Korsakov: Skazka. Conducted by Anshel Brusilow (1976)


    -PHILIPS 400 011-2: Faris conducts Albert Ketelbey -In a Chinese Temple Garden; In a Monastery Garden; Sanctuary of the Heart; Bank Holiday; Dance of the Merry Mascot; In a Persian Market; In the Mystic Land of Egypt; Bells across the Meadowsl he Clock and the Dresden Figures; With Honour Crowned.


    -DECCA 410 139-2: Rosini/ Respighi: La Boutique fantasque (ballet) ; Britten/ Rossini: Soirees musicales op 9 and Mainees musicales op 24. Conducted by Richard Bonynge (1982/3)


    NIMBUS ni 5184/5: Mehul - The Complete Symphonies (1989) Pre-Berlioz symphonies of the Napoleonic era


    DECCA 421 715-2: Tchaikovsky: Romeo & Juliet ; Capriccio Italien; Francesca da Rimini; Elegie for Strings conducted by Ashkenazky (1989)


    -EMI CDC 7 49541 2: Berloiz: Symphonie Fantastique conducted by Roger Norrington (1989)


    CHANDOS: Vivaldi: Ottone in Vila

    Harmonia Mundi: Handel: Guilio Cesare conducted by Rene Jakobs

    Hyperion CDA66212: Purcell: Ayres for the theatre (Peter Holman; The Parley of Instruments)(1986)

    Nimbus: Purcell - Funeral Music for Queen Mary

    ARKIV 435 490-2: Purcell: King Arthur (Trevor Pinock; The English Consort and choir)(1992)

    Mozart: Cossi Fan Tutti - Solti, rene flemming

    MOzart: Die Zaubeflote

    Bach: 4 passions

    Bach: St Matthew Passion (Jonathan Miller Production);


    -BRILLIANT CLASSICS: The Complete works of JS Bach (155 cd set)

    -BRILLIANT CLASSICS: The complete works of WA Mozart (170 cd set)

    -BRILLIANT CLASSICS: The Complete works of Beethoven (100 cd set)

    These Brilliant Classics set are absolutely wonderful! Complete works of composers used to be very expensive, now

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