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Lindops solicitors Where I work.

About my Scholarship at Oxford announced in the Oxford Gazette

About my Scholarship at Oxford announced in the Oxford Gazette


  • The European Piano Teachers Association I'm a member! Find a music teacher in your area, ME!!!!

    Music in Essex Find out what music is happening in Essex! A most useful internet resource of what's happening musically in the Anglo Saxon Eastern Kingdom "Essex" :-) Yes there is more culture here than just silly 'Essex man and girl' jokes, thank you very much! So make sure you have a look.

    UK Piano Page Piano mad? What to find out more about pianos, makers, tuners, teachers, then this is the website for you! It is


  • The Website of David Rubio Read more about Uncle David and his work!

    The Website of Wolfgang Schnabl German luthier, and son of luthier Rheinhard Schnabl who made one of my violins.

    Neil Kristof Ertz Violin Maker based in Cambridge. I have tried his execellent violins (Strad models) in his workshop, they were great!

    Richard Wilson Richard is maker of fine bows. My favourite bow was made by him in 1992. Visit his workshop in Cambridge.

    Dorfler Bows, Germany I have a lovely gold mounted Sartory copy by Egidius Dorfler made in 2005.


  • Heinrich Neuhaus Website An interesting read about this great Russian teacher and his legacy.

    Peter Zhang's Website An interesting read about this great Chinese violin teacher now based in Australia

    Zakhar Bron's Website Famous Russian teacher of Vladim Repin, Chloe Hanslip and Maxin Vengerov and many others


  • Serge Bortkiewicz An informative website about this forgotten composer.


  • The British & International Federation of Festivals for Music, Dance & Speech A very useful site.


  • Hammer & Tongs Reproductions (Saraband Music) Great reproductions of rare 19th century piano music. Saraband music is based in Australia. American website who publish rare and forgotten music.


  • Violinist: Midori One of my favourite violinists. Read about the great work Midori and her foundation have been doing.

    Violinist: James Ehnes I just heard James live playing the Elgar concerto. I like his playing, it has emotional intensity and he played such difficult passages with such ease and poise.

    Violinist: Ruth Waterman Read about what Ruth has been up to.

    Pianist: Glenn Gould The King of Bach players!

    Pianist: Willie Kappell This website is about pianist Willie Kappell who tragically died in 1953. Some interesting articles to read about him and a great audio interview as well.

    Pianist: Chisato Kusunoki The website of my dear friend Chisato: an outstanding pianist


  • Pirastro Strings I like using Pirastro strings, in particular the Oliv, Obligato and Eudoxa labels. Have a look at what other strings they do

    Montagnana Books If you are looking for books on violin playing, violin making, bows, luthiers, autograph memorabilia of violinists, this is where you will need to visit. Get in touch with David Sanders. I got all my series of 'The way they play' and other Paganiniana publications from him many years ago!


  • Sue Pearsons Teddybear shop in Brighton Famous teddybear shop in Lewes, contact my friends Jasper & Sue Pearson. They stock branded bears, artist bears and vintage teddies.

    Old Bear Scene Vintage bears. Contact Hazel JObson

    My Old Teddybear Vintage bears. Contact Ann Harwood

    Teddybears of Witney A famous teddybear shop in Witney which is a lovely experience to go to in. Stocks many artist bears. Contact Ian Pout

    Abracadabra Teddy Bears Teddybear shop in Safron Walden, Essex. Stocks many artist bears, especially Dany Bears. They also have a bear orphansage for you to adopt pre-loved bears from. Contact Marsha

    Nana's Teddies A famous teddybear haven in Blaxland in the Blue Mountains, Australia. The shop is full of thousands of teddies! I have never seen so many teddies in one place before!!!! Speak to Jan, Dave or Troy Robertson.

    Teddy Bears' Picknick A Teddy Bear sellers based in Holland, who stock Forget me not bears and Steiff teddies. Please contact Elske van de Putte.


  • Hugglets Teddybear shows Publishers of the annual Teddybear Guide and organisers of the Winterbear Fest and the Teddies Shows.


  • Beth's Bears by Elizabeth Leggats Wonderful miniature bears made by Elizabeth Leggat, a Scottish miniature teddybear artist. Lovely bears!

    Pawtrait Bears Fabulously realistic American Black Bears and Brown Bears made by Brigitte.

    Shultz Characters Wonderful exquisite miniature bears made by Paula & Simon Strethill-Smith. Makers based in Wickham, Hampshire. Quality bear making at its finest!

    Humble Crumble Bears by Victoria Allum Beautiful bears made by Essex bear artist Victoria Allum.

    Jo-Anne Bears Teddies made by award winning Jo-Anne Pennick of Tiptree, Essex.

    Rolue-Teddybear Design Teddybears made by Rotraud Lubke of Herdecke Germany

    Mister Bear by Jennie Sharman-Cox Teddies made by Jennie Sharman-Cox of Leigh-on-Sea, Essex.

    Tonni Bears Teddies made by Marjan Jorritsma based in the Netherlands.

    Mawspaws bears Teddies made by Maureen and Keith Batt based in Aylesbury, Buckinghamsire.

    The Bears of Haworth Cottage Teddies made by top Australian Artist bear maker Lexie Haworth.

    Teddy bears by Anna Hoo Teddies made by Anna Hoo based in the Netherlands.

    Bearable Bears Teddies made by Anjo Noija of Apeldoorn, the Netherlands.

    Richland Bears Teddies made by Richard van Aalst, based in Germany.

    Beer & Co Bears Teddies made by Dutch teddy bear maker Goean.

    LJBears Teddies made by Paul and Lynette Littlejohn based in Pennington Nr. Lymington, Hampshire.


  • Bears in the garden blog A lovely web blog showing the teddy collection of Wolfgang and Silke Schneider. All in Germany, but the photos are nice!

    The Friendly Company of Bears Read what Lynda and her bears have been up to.


  • The Puppenhaus Museum The famous Puppenhaus Museum in Basel, Switzerland

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