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Hello, my name is Jena. I live in Southend-on-Sea which is a sea-side town in Essex on the South East coast of England, situated about an hour away from London. I am a pianist and violinist who enjoys both performing, teaching and adjudicating competitions internationally. I have had a dual career in law and music but have recently retired from being a partner in the firm of Lindops and now dedicate my life to the art of piano and violin playing. I graduated from Oxford University (St Peter's College) and had piano lessons with Lora Dimitrova, Chris Elton, Shalinee Jayatilaka and Elsie Brown; and violin lessons with Lydia Mordkovitch, Ruth Waterman, Keith Pascoe and Brenda Farrow. During my studies I also had chambermusic masterclasses with the Allegri String Quartet (at Oxford University), the American violist Nancy Uscher (in Hong Kong), and Baroque 'period playing' masterclasses with Gary Cooper (at Oxford University). I have performed in England, Hong Kong, Canada, Germany, Austria and the USA and also on both UK and Hong Kong television programmes. I am a British & International Federation of Festivals Adjudicator, and for a number of years a trustee and the Piano Convenor of the Southend Musical Festival and a Trustee of the Freda Parry Singing Scholarship Fund. I was previously the String Convenor of the Leigh on Sea Music Festival. I play violins by Glen Collins, David Rubio and use bows made by, Richard Grunke, Klaus Grunke and Francois Voirin.

My website contains many pages about myself, my interests, music and teaching.

I enjoy teaching internationally, lecturing and giving masterclasses in piano and violin playing, as well as adjudicating competitions internationally. A number of my students regularly perform and compete in both national and international competitions, as well as music festivals around the country. If you are interested in having piano or violin lessons and chamber music, please see my terms of business and student page; or if you are also interested in participating/ performing in a Masterclass/ lecture by various concert pianists, violinists or chamber music groups then please contact me by e-mail.

I write and regularly update my musical diaries of my piano and violin playing with my thoughts on the music. Please have a read. If you are playing the same music or want to know more information on the music I am playing, please do not hesitate to contact me.

There is new page on my record collection and concerts that I have attended with my thoughts on the artists of old and new.

The photo is of me a long time ago doing what I love the most - playing music!

  • I have written a page about my violin made by Glen A Collins. Please have a look to read about Glen's violin making process.

    I have added two memorial pages:

    A page specifically dedicated to the memory of my uncle Hong Kong movie star Alexander 'Fu Sheng' ('Fu Sing' in Cantonese), who tragically died in 1983. Please have a look to see more photos of him and read about him.

    A page dedicated to the memory of Cambridge Luthier David J Rubio who was very special to me. Read this page find out more about my violin and about David.

    Aside from my music, I am an internationally recognised teddy bear collector and have been interviewed in the Steiff Club Magazine in 2012, and more recently was featured in BBC2 series of Collectaholics, the BBC news, the Daily Mail, the Metro, the Mirror, the Evening Echo, the Essex Chronicle, the Northern Echo, 7AM newpaper Hong Kong, Puppen-und-Spielzeug magazine Germany, intenational news and media in Hong Kong, USA, Germany, Italy, India, Indonesia, Brazil. Some of my collection has also been on display at the Horsebox Gallery, Motcomb Street, Knightsbridge. I have also had an article about my collecting published in the 200 Years of Childhood Magazine 2016. I regularly attend intentational teddy bear shows around the world (Hugglets, Kensington; Teddybar Welt , Wiesbaden Wallau; Teddybar Total, Munster, Steiff Sommer Festival, Giengen am der Brenz). If you see me at one, please say hello. You can also find me on Facebook as 'Jena Bear'.

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